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This webpage has been built for the purposes of providing Black Dog Ride's Top End Coordinators with the paperwork they require to successfully organise, host and wrap up Black Dog Ride's Top End 2018 awareness raising adventure.

These documents are for Black Dog Ride's Top End Coordinators for the purposes of Black Dog Ride's Top End Coordinators. No authorisation is provided for using or editing these documents outside of Black Dog Ride's Top End Coordinators. That means - please do not share this webpage or documents outside of Black Dog Ride or edit these documents. Thanks for your understanding.

Authority to Fundraise Letter

All Ride Coordinators will be individually emailed a letter formally authorising you to fundraise on behalf of Black Dog Ride. Please take these on the Ride as well, giving a copy to Support Crews too, to ensure they have approrpriate documentation should they be queried.

NSW here | NT here | QLD here | SA here | VIC and TAS here | WA here

Black Dog Ride Letterhead

You're probably going to write letter to local businesses requesting support, so we've got a pro forma letterhead for you!

Download the letterhead here.

Certificate of Currency and Charitable Status

You will need Black Dog Ride's Certificate of Currency (evidence of Black Dog Ride's insurance coverage) when booking council or business venues.

Download the 2018-2019 Certificate of Currency HERE.

Download Black Dog Ride's Certificate of Charity Registration HERE.

On the Day Rego Forms

These will need to be printed out ready for on the day registrations. Please note there is an ADULT form and a CHILD form.

Download the Adult On the Day Rego PDF HERE and Adult On the Day Rego HERE .docx file

Download the Child On the Day Rego PDF HERE and Child On the Day Rego HERE .docx file

There will be On the Day Rego Forms for NT Riders joining from Katherine - these will be provided by Staff in Katherine.

On the Day Disclaimer Forms

Please print a few of these out (A5 is ok) to have handy on the registration table for riders to read should they wish to..

Download the Disclaimer in PDF HERE

Talking About Mental Health

Prior to talking to any group, please download, distribute to team members, and read the presentation outline below. It is vital that Black Dog Ride ensure all participant's wellbeing by speaking responsibly about mental health and suicide, and to protect participants from triggers which may negatively impact their wellbeing.

For the first time, Black Dog Ride has an approved presentation outline for children aged 6-12 years. This can be adapted for older age groups until Black Dog Ride develops one specific to that age cohort. But be aware that before talking to Black Dog Riders or other community members about mental health that a person trained in MHFA or higher should always be present, and the speaker briefed about how to talk about mental health to the public.

Download the Presentation Outline for Children Aged 6-12 HERE

Download Black Dog Ride's 10 Top Tips For Talking to the Media or Community HERE

Certificate of Appreciation

The Certificate of Appreciation is to be given to supporters and sponsors either on the day or afterwards, as time permits.

Download the PDF (best print) version HERE where you handwrite the recipient name in

Download the editable .docx version where you type the recipient name in HERE

Black Dog Ride's Volunteers will receive seperate Certificates of Appreciation once the Top End 2018 is wrapped up.

Rider Updates

In case you have riders who are asking for copies -

Rider Update 1 HERE | Fundraising Tips 1 HERE | Long Distance Riding Prep HERE

Rider Update 2 HERE | Fundraising Tips 2 HERE |

Rider Update 3 - TBA

Rider Update 4 - TBA


Safety Briefing

This safety briefing must be read out prior to the ride departure.

Download the Safety Briefing in PDF HERE.

Responding to Accidents and Incidents

This booklet will help guide you in case of accidents or incidents on the ride. Please download the booklet and share it with your Team, and print out multiple copies of the last pages for your Team on the day.

Please follow directions in the booklet in case of accident or emergency, which is in summary:

1) Contact Emergency Services & follow Instructions

2) When safe to do so, text your Ride Coord and Fiona: 0488-050-676 with details

3) Complete Accident Form (ASAP), take photo of it, text to Fiona

4) Debrief with Team Member or Lifeline

Download Responding to Accidents and Incidents Booklet PDF HERE.


The following Media Release have been distributed to the corresponding Media Lists (in .xls) -

NSW Media Release HERE and Media List HERE

QLD Media Release HERE and Media List HERE

SA Media Release HERE and Media List HERE

TAS/VIC Media Release HERE and Media List HERE

WA Media Release HERE (No List supplied to CDM)

Media also like to use hi-res images that are quick to hand, saving them time on the article. If you don't have one of you with your bike and Winston, you can download one of ours to share with them:

Black Dog Ride in the Pilbara by Roger Clark;

Black Dog Ride at the NT Border by Fiona Duffield;

Black Dog Rides Anny Seaton with Mascot Winston and Staffy Mindy by Derek Pool

They are large hi-res photos files, be patient while they download. Please do not remove photographer attribution, newspapers will not publish without it. Please do not distribute the media lists outside of Black Dog Ride, they are paid for by Black Dog Ride.

Support Vehicle Imagery

This is a large file to ensure Signwriters have access to raster/vector files needed for sticker printing etc. Please download it and send it directly to signwriter (it is zipped)

Download HERE



Eventbrite is being used to register participants, and Ride Coordinastors can log in to Eventbrite and use it to email all registered riders, download a spreadsheet (for manual ride check in and safety lists) and then for electronically checking people in on the day using the Eventbrite app or using Eventbrite on a laptop. Below are some tutorials on how to do these things.

For The Top End, you will need a check in list, a list of riders with medical and/or dietary conditions, roll call lists, and a comprehensive list of all riders with NOK details in case of accident or emergencies. You can use Eventbrite to download spreadsheets of registered riders and create these lists.

How to Email Participants HERE

How to Download a Spreadsheet of Participant Information HERE

How to Print A Check In List HERE

How to Check In Participants with the iOS App HERE

How to Check In Paerticipants with the Android App HERE

How To Use A Laptop to Check In Participants HERE


This year, you will be issued a "Square Card reader" which is a small white square device that you can pair up with your mobile phone, and is capable of taking card payments. Along with the Square Card reader, you will be issued a Square Card log in. Each region can access their merchandise inventory with this log in, and when taking cash, card, or donation payments it will send a live report to Black Dog Ride. It's a little bit like an EFTPOS machine except the app you will use on your phone includes all the merch items you can sell, enables you to take donations, refund, gift items and see a list of everything you've sold right there on the spot. Remember - use the Sqaure card for BOTH cash and card!

A brief overview of Square Card can be seen here:

How To Download the Square App:

How To Sign in & Pair the Card Reader:

How To Process a sale transaction:

How To Edit a Sales Transaction:

How To Split Tender (use 2 payment types):

How To Process Gifted Stock:

Please take it step by step and try not to be intimidated by the technology. It is pretty easy to use but like all new tricks, it does take a little getting used to, be patient with yourself and you will pick it up :)

(You may need to have a power bank or power deck handy to keep the phone charged at ride check in.)


Are you or any of your riders organising awareness or fundraising activities in the lead up? Awesome!

Please download the Community Activity Kit HERE and complete page 11, returning it to Black Dog Ride.

Upon completion of the activity, please complete page 12 and return it to Black Dog Ride.

It's really important that as a registered charity, Black Dog Ride complies with all regulatory requirements of data collection and we appreciate you helping us do this by completing the Community Activity Kit.