Our Charity

First and foremost, our mission is to "raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention."

Fundraising is an important, but secondary goal.

During 2019 we launched a new program for the disbursement of funds, our "Community Grants." The aim of our Community Grants program is to direct money into community based initiatives that truly make a difference right across the country. Here are a few examples of the community initiatives we have funded of late.

Son Of A Son Sailing - Black Dog Sailing

In the words of Son of a Son Sailing

We are all affected in some way by mental health issues. 'Black Dog Sailing', a charity designed to raise money to support mental health initiatives within the sailing community. In doing this, we also aim to promote the positive impact sailing can have on mental health. Sailing is a unique sport that embraces participants of any age, race, disability, or persuasion. The mental health of its participants is vital to not only their own personal wellbeing but the greater community. Australian Sailing have over 130,000 members (with a estimated 250 000 participants) spread across 350 clubs throughout Australia.
The goal of Black Dog Sailing, in partnership with Black Dog Ride is to raise funds to implement mental health initiatives across the country through the governing body, Australian Sailing.
Our goal is to support Australian Sailing to develop and roll out mental health first aid training to all 6400 sailing instructors and coaches across the country. These instructors interact with the sailors of all ages from juniors to seniors. We want to furnish instructors with the skills and understanding to enable them to support and manage any students that maybe suffering from mental health issues and support them to find pathways to healing.
With the support of Black Dog Ride, Son of a Son Sailing are embarking on raising $150,000 to support our goal of improving mental health awareness in the sailing community.
The instigators of Black Dog Sailing will be racing a 35 year old Farr 1104 in this years Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention fundraise to support training for Australian Sailing instructors. This is an adventure in itself, we have chosen to take the cheapest (yet safe) boat we can to compete in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. Comparatively to multi million dollar programs, we are at the other end of the spectrum and want to demonstrate that with good friends, determination and hard work we can tackle one of the hardest ocean races in the world.
We have loftier ambitions for Black Dog Sailing, but we are humbled by the prospect to support such a worthwhile cause.

Outward Bound Adventure Programs

Denmark BDR received Grant Funding from Black Dog Ride to put 5 young people to Outward Bound Adventure Programs. 4 x went through the Outward Bound Wilderness experience. 1 x young girl went through the Gutsy Girls program.

Each of these young people came back completely transformed by the life changing experience and opportunity they were given.


Social Seniors Winning Health Battle

In a national first, Probus South Pacific Limited and Black Dog Ride (BDR) are partnering to promote the health benefits of staying socially connected to Australia's 4.3 million retirees.

Recent results from a representative Australian sample found 46% of Australians aged 65 or above felt they lacked companionship at least sometimes, and with rates of emotional loneliness highest in Australians aged 75 or above, Probus and BDR's partnership couldn't have come at a better time.

The pandemic is still being felt, with social isolation gripping some older Australians, leading to loneliness, depression and declining physical health. Probus is more important than ever with evidence indicating retirees who remain social through group activities improve their overall well-being.

Probus and BDR are uniting to spread the word on the psychological and mental health benefits social connectedness brings. This partnership will raise awareness and encourage older Australians to join Probus, a social group helping older Australians make new friends and stay active and engaged in their local communities.


Seeds of Hope Suicide Prevention Network

New Sofas for Reflection & Connection

A grant of $10,000 was given to community based not-for-profit organisation, Seeds of Hope Suicide Prevention Network, to support them in the great work they do in South Australia.

A new community-led initiative is providing a symbol of hope in helping to break down the barriers of mental illness.

The initiative is a collaboration between The Barossa Council, Seeds of Hope Suicide Prevention Network, local mosaic artist Kristin Wohlers and major sponsor Black Dog Ride Australia.

Network spokesperson Sue Raven said the role of a Reflection Sofa is to reduce stigma which is a barrier for people to reach out for help. "We hope the sofas will be a prompt to ongoing discussions about suicide prevention and a place of solace for those impacted by suicide"

"The keys to suicide prevention are connection, education and stigma reduction as well as connecting people to services. There will be a QR code to link to help services on each sofa."

The sofas will feature the sunflower from the Seeds of Hope in ceramic mosaic, and it's hoped they will become a focal point for International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day in November.

For the full article, please click HERE

Traditional Cultural Practices - Community Grant Recipient

Galupa NT Infrastructure Upgrades

At the beginning of 2023 Black Dog ride granted TCP a Community Grant.

Traditional Cultural Practices (TCP) is an Elders led Not for Profit DGR registered organisation. Our background is in Community led suicide prevention initiatives with a focus on supporting re connection to Culture and connection to traditional lands and waters, across the Country.

At the request of Community leaders TCP engaged contractors to upgrade the Ablution Block and emergency Community Housing at Galupa, a Women (and Childrens) Community in North East Arnhem Land. Galupa is a safe place to escape domestic violence and other Cultural challenges in the region. The Community relies on philanthropic support to exist.

Respect to the First people of many Nations.

Anzac Day Kokoda Trek - 16 REGT RAA ADF (Woodside)

In April a grant of $10,000 was given to 11 members of the 16 REGT RAA to raise awareness of depression amongst the defence community.

Talk Out Loud - Camp Bunji

Talk Out Loud is a not for profit organisation whose overarching goal is to raise awareness of youth suicide and reduce the stigma attached to mental illness.

Black Dog Ride has recently provided Talk Out Loud with $10,000 in funding to sponsor 40 participants for one camp between January
and June 2023.

In Talk Out Louds Words:

"We are here to help young people from diverse backgrounds and locations in SA, find the confidence to speak up and help not only themselves but anyone in their close network who is struggling. In five years, our member base has grown to over 320 young people and their families, we have assisted over 1,000 youth on camps and retreats and reached over 5,000 students in our school presentations."

"We have several methods of achieving our goals using an ongoing non-clinical positive mindset approach. These methods include a range of wellness workshops from our office space in Tea Tree Gully, presentations in schools and communities based on personal experiences, our poignant Adelaide Fringe theatre production 41 Seconds, becoming a proud member of the Suicide Prevention Networks of SA and lastly, our niche youth and family camps and retreats which allow our volunteers to build valuable connections, develop resilience and truly understand that they're not alone."

"The empowerment camps provide a unique opportunity for young people from diverse backgrounds and situations to come together and partake in various activities that are aimed to encourage them to openly discuss personal risk factors, enhance resilience and self- esteem, build protective relationships and address a myriad of mental health concerns and strategies."

"Aboriginal youth over the age of 18, including rural or remote communities, are our target audience for this new camp program named Camp BUNJI which aptly means friend or mate in the Aboriginal language. We cap our numbers at 40 participants in order to create and maintain an engaging and welcoming environment. Not only do the participants benefit from our camps but their families and friends also. This number therefore has the potential to reach thousands in the course of a year."

Respect to the First people of many Nations.

Multicultural Mental Health First Aid - Rosa Hillam

Our very own Limestone Coast/Mallee Coordinator, Rosa Hillam was recently a Community Grant recipient and received funding to complete a Mental Health First Aid Train the Trainer Course to be able to support the Murraylands community in better understanding the importance of mental health and wellbeing.

Rosa has since successfully instructed her first course with a small, multicultural group of 12 people from Murray Bridge.

Well done Rosa!

Mt Dandenong School Visiting Dog

The presence of pets in educational settings can have a wide range of positive benefits, especially for students experiencing stress or emotional difficulty. Pets can provide therapeutic support and can help increase feelings of comfort and motivation in students. They bring unconditional acceptance, making students feel safe and secure – which helps support student social, emotional and academic growth.

For those of you that don't know, my dog, Milton, has been coming to school off and on since I brought him home, toward the beginning of 2023. He has spent time with children, families and teachers across a range of year levels but so far has predominantly been in the Prep classroom.

Today he started his official training! This training would not have been possible without the support of the Black Dog Ride Australia Community Grants Program, who provided the full amount of funding required for Milton to achieve both Level 1 and Level 2 training which will certify him for work in a school setting.

The Black Dog Ride Australia Community Grants program is focused on supporting initiatives that help people who suffer from mental illness, help prevent suicide, and raise awareness of both mental health and suicide prevention. Their aim is to distribute funding to programs that make a cost effective, demonstrable and sustainable difference in peoples' lives.

Black Dog Ride (https://www.blackdogride.org.au/) to raise awareness of depression and build a national conversation about mental health.

I would like to express a huge thankyou to Black Dog Ride Australia for providing our school with this amazing grant.

Written by Kelly Watson

Marcus Mission - suicide prevention initiative

Marcus Mission is a community, volunteer organisation, that aims to reduce the risk of suicide for young men aged 18-44 years through three main initiatives: skill building for young men, suicide prevention training, and the development of a volunteer mentor network. The program is initially targeting the Gold Coast and Toowoomba regions, with a view to expanding in the future.

"Suicide is a very complex issue, and it requires a whole-of-community approach," says Glen Wallwork, Suicide Prevention Manager with Wesley Mission Queensland. "With this in mind, we work not only with those at risk of suicide, but everyone around them: their families, friends, networks, and local community groups to build skills, knowledge, resources, and the capacity to tackle this issue.

"Recent studies have highlighted the need for young men to build resilience, negotiate conflict and manage relationship challenges. Supporting young men to develop these skills will assist them to better manage stressful life events that can increase risk of suicide. Using this and other, current evidence-based research, we have designed a range of prevention activities and initiatives to help young men work through what they're experiencing."

Black Dog Ride has directed funds to support the volunteer mentoring program. Trained volunteer mentors connect with men experiencing situational distress, such as issues with relationships, work or money. They will meet face-to-face for up to two hours a week for twelve months to build connections, enhance their strengths and develop practical strategies to move forward.

Our focus

There have been many, many beneficiaries of funds raised through Black Dog Ride since it's inception in 2010. 

Black Dog Ride has supported large not-for-profits such as LifeLine, Mental Health First Aid Australia and the Black Dog Institute, with large donations. And, there have been many smaller, community organisations which have received funds over the years. These include community suicide prevention networks, local Lifeline centres, and Headspece centres.

Going forward, our aim is to direct funding into community based mental health and suicide prevention initiatives across Australia. Research suggests that mental health and suicide prevention activities undertaken at a grass roots, community level have been effective in the prevention of suicide and increasing help seeking behavour. There are many community based initiatives which are tailored to the local environment and circumstances, and many of these initiatives are also quite innovative. It is these initiatives that we seek to find and support. We don't have huge dollars to give out, but the money we raise can go a long way to help these grass roots community initiative make a real difference in peoples' lives.

Our Mission

Black Dog Ride's primary mission as a health promotion charity is to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention. Black Dog Ride's activities achieve this mission with hundreds of activities each year engaging thousands of Australians, each starting community conversations around depression and suicide, which encourages help seeking behaviour and ultimately prevents suicide. The social value of Black Dog Ride's activities is difficult to measure.

Black Dog Ride continues to strive to meet it's objectives of raising awareness about depression and suicide prevention whilst keeping administrative and operating costs to a minimum. We value our volunteers, riders and supporters as dedicated community advocates, and trust you will join with us on the road ahead to prevent suicide and improve the mental wellbeing of all Australians.

ACNC Registration

Black Dog Ride's ACNC Charity Tick Black Dog Ride is proud to display the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission's (ACNC) "Charity Tick" which lets you know that Black Dog Ride is registered and compliant with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission.

The ACNC is the independent national regulator of charities. The ACNC has been set up to achieve the following objects:

  • maintain, protect and enhance public trust and confidence in the sector through increased accountability and transparency
  • support and sustain a robust, vibrant, independent and innovative not-for-profit sector
  • promote the reduction of unnecessary regulatory obligations on the sector.