Black Dog Ride to the Top End 2018

TOP END 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

We receive a number of frequently asked questions about our rides. We have collated and answered those pertaining to Black Dog Ride's Top End 2018 for your easy reference.

Please browse these before contacting your Ride Coordinator or Black Dog Ride's Team.

When do Ride Registrations Close?

Monday 30th July.

What are the average daily distances travelled on the ride?

The average daily distance for Top End 2018 varies between state to state, but usually around 500kms per day. Some days will be slightly longer, some days shorter.

What do I get for my registration in the ride?

Top End Rider & Pillion $350pp
This ticket is for riders and pillions joining from state start point through to Darwin and includes:

Top End 2018 Welcome Sundowner:
Cost: $20pp. A welcome to Darwin casual get together party at Club Tropical Resort Courtyard, which is onsite at our accomodation location ensuring riders can mingle together upon arrival at accomodation, check in, refresh themselves and then meander over to the Sundowner. Cost covers food for a cocktail selection of sliders, kebabs and similar. The resort has a licensed bar.
Top End 2018 Finale Dinner:
Cost: $65pp. A unique and authentically Top End experience, Crocosaurus Cove will be staying open just for Black Dog Ride, with dedicated animal handling shows, and a roaming dinner around the park. Gather in the Theatre & Cafe space for an address by our Guest Speaker Detective Allan Sparks (RET) - Australia's most highly decorated Civilian - and a fierce campaigner for Mental Health amongst our Police Force. There is a cash bar available.
Bus Transport:
Cost $15pp to and from accommodation at Lee Point to Crocosaurus Cove. You're free to enjoy a drink or two without having to worry about riding anywhere afterward.
Rider Kit:
Cost: $15pp Includes: Commemorative Top End 2018 patch, souvenir decal for your bike and bumper stickers, Top End 2018 wristband, Mental Health Wallet Cards and assorted Mental Health brochures.
Support Levy
Cost: $25pp Your contribution to fuel costs of having a dedicated support vehicle follow you from the state start point of the ride to the Top End.
BDR Registration
Cost: $180pp. Your 'ticket' to ride covers the cost of Black Dog Ride's staff and the resources needed over 6 months to create, stage, and wrap up a ride of about 400 people covering over 400,000 Km and visiting over 100 individual townships and 70 accommodation providers across 10 nights.
Cost: $40pp This covers compulsory GST, the Eventbrite fee, and the credit card processing fee.

Day Rider & Pillions $145pp
This ticket is for riders and pillions joining from the start point up to a designated end point, up to three days on the ride and includes your entry to the organised ride, the security of a support vehicle with bike trailer to your end destination, a rider kit with commemorative Black Dog Ride to the Top End 2018 pathc, decal and bumper stickers, Top End 2018 wristband, and includes associated GST, Eventbrite and Credit card processing fees.

Darwin Riders
Darwin riders can join the national group at Katherine and escort us into your hometoww! Plus you have the option to join us for the Welcome Sundowner and Top End Finale at Crocosaurus Cove.

Black Dog Ride will arrange and inform riders of reasonably priced accomodation for every leg and it is up the the rider to book and pay for it.

Do we get a patch or stickers before the ride?

Yes. Rider Kits will be dispatched mid October to Ride Coordinators. You will need to pick yours up when you check-in for the ride. Please register early so the correct number of Rider Kits reach your Ride Coordinator.

Riders going all the way to the Top End and their Pillions will receive:

• Welcome Letter From Black Dog Ride
• Mental Health Pamphlets
• Ride Team Contact Card
• 2 Large Top End 2018 Stickers
• 1 Small Top End 2018 Sticker
• 10 Black Dog Ride Wallet Cards
• 1 Wristband
• 1 Top End 2018 Patch

Night Riders and Pillions will receive:

• Welcome Letter From Black Dog Ride
• Mental Health Pamphlets
• Ride Team Contact Card
• 1 Large Top End 2018 Stickers
• 1 Small Top End 2018 Sticker
• 5 Black Dog Ride Wallet Cards
• 1 Wristband
• 1 Top End 2018 Patch

I can't ride the whole distance, is it ok just to ride a day?

Yes, you can register as a Day Rider and join us for up to 3 days, however you must join at the official start point.

Due to safety and capacity, no on the day registrations can be accepted.

I need a refund for my registration, what do I do?

Due to necessity, Black Dog Ride must pay for deposits and bookings in advance, and so the following refund policy applies. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Cancellations and Refunds Policy:
Notice of cancellation is required either in person or in writing (email is acceptable).

If you cancel your registration, there will be no refund of monies that we have paid third parties or suppliers on your behalf unless we are able to secure refunds from those parties.

If we provide a refund, we may charge you for administrative or other reasonable expenses we have incurred.

Please advise us if you cannot participate. Contact for further information.

Can I follow the Ride in my car to be part of the Support Crew?

Cars are strictly limited to Official Black Dog Ride to the Top End 2018 Support Crew only.

Can I meet my partner in Darwin?

Due to the need for early bookings at the functions and space considerations, the formal Darwin functions are strictly reserved for Top End 2018 Riders only.

Why do you ask so many questions on the registration page?

This is for safety purposes whilst on the ride so we can assist you in case of accident or emergency.

You will need to let us know your -

• Name, Address, Phone, Email, Date of Birth, Payment Detials
• Next of Kin Name, Phone and Address (Don't use your pillion!)
• Your bike Make, Model and Rego Number
• Start and end points if a Night Rider
• Medical information to help us help you in case of accident or emergency
• Dietary Requirements

This information is kept confidential by Black Dog Ride and only shared with State Coordinators, then Support Crew during the ride. In the case of an accident or medical emergency, relevant information will be shared with emergency services.

The information you provide helps us ensure you have a safe and enjoyable ride, and that we are able to support you should an accident or other emergency arise.

I don't have a credit card, does that mean I can't register?

You will need a credit or debit card to complete the ride registration. If you do not have one, you can purchase a pre pay Visa debit card via any Australia Post outlet here.

If you do not have access to a computer to register, we can send you a registration form, however you will still need a credit or debit card for payment. Contact for further information.

When does my Rider Kit arrive?

All riders will receive a Riders Pack at ride check in. Please ensure your postal address is correct. If it changes at any time, please contact contact

Can I camp or take my swag?

Generally, yes. Most accomodation includes camping areas. Your Ride Coordinator can advise you.

Are all roads sealed?

Yes, the ride is conducted on sealed roads, however there may be unforeseen roadworks on route. Your Ride Coordinator can advise you.

I want to drive my car, is this ok?

Registrations are reserved for riders only. We appreciate that so many would like to follow our journey, but space, safety and logistical considerations prohibit cars from joining us.

Is there a support vehicle?

Yes, every state leg (except Tas from Devonport to Mildura) will have a support vehicle with bike trailer following the riders to assist with bike breakdown.

Will the support vehicle carry some of my gear for me?

No. Riders are expected to carry their own gear at all times.

Will the support vehicle have a trailer and can they tow my bike if I break down?

Yes, support vehicles will have a bike trailer and will assist you should you need it. However, we strongly encourage riders to have national roadside assistance.

If I want to fly home from Darwin, is there a company who will freight my bike back?

If time is short and you need to get back home straight after the ride, Black Dog Ride supporters BikesOnly are offering a fantastic deal to freight your bike from Darwin.

The pick up point in Darwin isn't locked in yet. You will be informed closer to the date.






PERTH $1010



Contact Manelle and the BikesOnly Team on (07) 3219-7000 or, let them know you're a Black Dog Rider and provide the following information -

Full Name, Contact Phone Number, Make, Model, Colour and Rego of bike

Panniers, top box and small gear bag only to travel with bike. Keys must travel with bike as per quarantine regulations. Bikes with alarms must be disabled otherwise battery will be flat upon delivery.

Prices are per bike and includes GST. Prices, which include transit insurance, are to depots in each destination. Pannies and top boxes are included, however do not overload your bike.

This service has limited capacity so book early if you want to "Ride and Fly". They only require payment 2 weeks prior to pick up so you can book now to secure the space.

I have never joined a group ride before/I don't know what bike preparation is involved, what advice do you have for me?

Road Rider has some good general advice about group rides HERE.

Travel tips has compiled: Before you go on a long distance motorbike ride...

Open Road Journey has blogged: Tips For A Long Distance Motorcycle Trip

Motorbike Writer Mark Hinchliffe has written some helpful articles:
• 10 tips to beat dehydration while riding
• 10 tips for beating rider fatigue
• 10 tips for riding country roads

Contact your Ride Coordinator for more specific advice.

Who is my Ride Coordinator?

Every state leg is assigned a Ride Coordinator. They are volunteers, please respect business hours when contacting them. Their contact details are on the main Top End 2018 page for your leg of the ride.

How do I fundraise for this ride?

Start your fundraising here:

I have specific dietary requirements, will you cater for this?

Please ensure you state this on the registration form. Black Dog Ride will endeavour to cater for everyone's needs, however due to the locations and costs involved, riders will need to be understanding with the limitations of certain dietary needs within remote parts of Australia.