All offical Black Dog Ride Activities are listed here. If it is not listed here, it is not an official Black Dog Ride activity.

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The consumption of alcohol and use of illegal substances is strictly prohibited at all Black Dog Ride Australia events.

Official Black Dog Ride Calendar





4th October 2023 NSW State Black Dog Ride 2023 NSW Registrations Open
8th October 2023 WA State Black Dog Ride 2023 WA Registrations Open
14th October 2023 Black Dog Ride Vic State Ride 2023 VIC Registrations Open
26th October 2023 Black Dog Rides the Apple 2023 TAS Registrations Open
5th November 2023 Garmin Noosa Triathlon Moto Volunteers QLD Registrations Open
25th November 2023 Black Dog Ride WA - Full Moon Ride 2023 WA Registrations Open
13th-26th February 2024 World Superbikes 2024 VIC Coming Soon
17th March 2024 1 Dayers 2024 NATIONAL Registrations Opening Progressively
7th April 2024 York Motorcycle Festival 2024 WA Coming Soon
October 2024 Black Dog Ride to Fremantle 2024 NATIONAL Coming Soon