Black Dog Ride to the Red Centre FAQs

We receive a number of frequently asked questions about the ride. We have collated them here for your easy reference.

Black Dog Ride to the Red Centre FAQs

What are the average daily distances travelled on the ride?

The average daily distance on a Black Dog Ride to the Red Centre is around 500kms per day. Some days will be slightly longer, some days shorter.

Are accomodation and/or meals included in the registration cost?

No. Registration as a Red Centre Rider for the Black Dog Ride to the Red Centre 2015 includes the following:

• Your entry to the Ride
• The security of a Support Vehicle with bike trailer
• Tickets in the BDR Rider Raffle at Uluru
• Rider Kit including commemorative BDR patch and stickers for your bike
• Entry pass to Uluru National Park valued at $25
• Welcome Sundowner at Sails in the Desert Poolside on Friday 21 August valued at $53 pp. Includes substantial food and 2 hour drinks package
• Private "Sounds of Silence" dining experience valued at $175 pp (entered into the Australian Tourism Hall of Fame) on Saturday 22 August

Black Dog Ride will arrange and inform riders of reasonably priced accomodation for every leg, generally discounted for Black Dog Riders. Lions Clubs will be providing low cost yummy meals almost every day, but meal costs (other than Fri & Sat nights at Uluru) are not included in registration costs.

Do we get a patch or stickers before the ride?

Yes. Rider's Kits are dispatched in late July. Please email the office if yours doesn't arrive.

Red Centre Riders and Pillions will receive:

• Letter From the Founder
• Lifeline and MHFA Flyer
• Rider Contact Card
• Tickets in the Rider Raffle at Uluru
• BDR Receipt Book
• 2 Large Red Centre Stickers
• 1 Round Red Centre Sticker
• 5 Red Centre Wallet Cards
• 1 Orange Wristband
• 1 Red Centre Patch featuring Uluru
• 1 National Park Pass for Uluru

State Riders and Pillions will receive:

• Letter From the Founder
• Lifeline and MHFA Flyer
• Rider Contact Card
• BDR Receipt Book
• 1 Large Red Centre Sticker
• 1 Round Red Centre Sticker
• 5 Red Centre Wallet Cards
• 1 Blue Wristband
• 1 Red Centre Patch

I can't ride the whole distance, is it ok just to ride a day?

No. Due to the overwhelming interest in the riding the full distance, all places are reserved for riders spending 7 days on the road with Black Dog Ride.

Black Dog Ride will be opening a State Rider registration category on 20th May whereby riders can enjoy 3 or 4 days on the road with Red Centre Riders. State Riders must start with the main group and remain with the group until the listed departure point.

Due to safety and capacity, no on the day registrations can be accepted.

I need a refund for my registration, what do I do?

Due to necessity, Black Dog Ride must pay for deposits and bookings at Uluru in advance, and so the following refund policy applies. We apologise for any inconvenience.

• From December until 5pm (EST) Friday 21st June, a refund fee of $100 applies if you withdraw from the Ride.
• After 5pm (EST) Friday 21st June, unfortunately Black Dog Ride will be unable to make any refund if you withdraw.

Please advise us if you cannot participate. Contact Fiona for further information.

Can I follow the Ride in my car to be part of the Support Crew?

Cars are strictly limited to Official Black Dog Ride to the Red Centre Support Crew only.

Can I meet my partner in Uluru?

There is nothing to stop your partner meeting you in Uluru, however due to the need for early bookings at the functions and space considerations, the Uluru functions are strictly reserved for Red Centre Riders only.

Why do you ask so many questions on the registration page?

You will need your bike registration number and next of kin contact number to complete registration. This is for safety purposes whilst on the ride so we can assist you in case of accident or emergency. Please do not use your pillion or visa versa as a next of kin contact. Use the details of a trusted person whom we can contact should you require assistance on the ride. We also need your DOB for emergency services in case of accident or illness on the ride.

We need your shipping address so we can send out your Rider's Kit before the ride.

I don't have a credit card, does that mean I can't register?

You will need a credit or debit card to complete the ride registration. If you do not have one, you can purchase a pre pay Visa debit card via any Australia Post outlet here.

When does my Rider's Kit arrive?

All riders will receive a Riders Pack in late July/early August. Please ensure your postal address is correct. If it changes at any time, please contact Fiona.

Can I camp or take my swag?

Generally, yes. Most accomodation includes camping areas. Your Ride Coordinator can advise you.

Are all roads sealed?

Yes, the ride is conducted on sealed roads, however there may be unforeseen roadworks on route. Your Ride Coordinator can advise you.

I want to drive my car, is this ok?

Registrations are reserved for riders only. We appreciate that so many would like to follow our journey, but space, safety and logistical considerations prohibit cars from joining us.

Is there a support vehicle?

Yes, every state leg will have a support vehicle with bike trailer following the riders to assist with bike breakdown.

Will the support vehicle carry some of my gear for me?

No. Riders are expected to carry their own gear.

Will the support vehicle have a trailer and can they tow my bike if I break down?

Yes, support vehicles will have a bike trailer and will assist you should you need it. However, we strongly encourage riders to have national roadside assistance.

If I want to fly home from Alice, is there a company who will freight my bike back?

Yes, contact Bikes Only about pricing and mention you are from Black Dog Ride.

I have never joined a group ride before/I don't know what bike preperation is involved, what advice do you have for me?

Road Rider has some good general advice about group rides HERE.

Travel tips has compiled: Before you go on a long distance motorbike ride...

Open Road Journey has blogged: Tips For A Long Distance Motorcycle Trip

Motorbike Writer Mark Hinchliffe has written some helpful articles:
10 tips to beat dehydration while riding
10 tips for beating rider fatigue
10 tips for riding country roads

Contact your Ride Coordinator for more specific advice.

Who is my Ride Coordinator?

Every state leg is assigned a Red Centre Ride Coordinator. They are volunteers, please respect business hours when contacting them. Their contact details are on the main Ride to the Red Centre Page.

How do I fundraise for this ride?

You can start fundraising here:

I have specific dietary requirements, will you cater for this?

Please ensure you state this on the registration form. Black Dog Ride will endeavour to cater for everyone's needs, however due to the locations and costs involved, riders will need to be understanding with the limitations of certain dietary needs within remote parts of Australia.

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