Ride to the Red Centre FAQs

We receive a number of frequently asked questions about the ride. We have collated them, and the answers, here for your easy reference. Please read them before contacting us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the average daily distances travelled on the ride?
    The average daily distance for each state group is as follows:
    WA: 636kms SA: 492kms VIC: 430kms ACT: 441kms NSW: 497kms
    QLD: 587kms TAS: 432kms NT: 499kms average over three days
  • Are accomodation and/or meals included in the registration cost?
    No. Ride registration ensures we reserve your place in the ride. Black Dog Ride will arrange and inform riders of reasonably priced accomodation for every leg, generally discounted for Black Dog Riders. Lions Clubs will be providing low cost yummy meals almost every day, but meal costs are not inclusive of registration costs.
  • I can't ride the whole distance, is it ok just to ride a day or two?
    Absolutely. Black Dog Ride offers Day Rider and Night Rider registration for riders who cannot ride all the way to the red centre with us. We encourage riders to join us no matter what distance they can travel with us.
  • Can I camp or take my swag?
    Generally, yes. Most accomodation includes camping areas. Check the itinerary for more details.
  • Are all roads sealed?
    Yes, the ride is conducted on sealed roads, however there may be unforeseen roadworks on route. Your Ride Coordinator can advise you.
  • I want to drive my car along with you all, is this ok?
    Registrations are reserved for riders. We appreciate that so many would like to follow our journey, but space and logistical considerations prohibit multiple cars from joining us.
  • Is there are support vehicle?
    Yes, every state leg will have a support vehicle following the riders.
  • Will the support vehicle carry some of my gear for me?
    Generally, no. Riders are expected to carry their own gear. Please contact your Ride Coordinator for more detail.
  • Will the support vehicle have a trailer and can they tow my bike if I break down?
    Yes, support vehicles will have a bike trailer and will assist you should you need it. However, we strongly encourage riders to have roadside assistance.
  • If I want to fly home from Alice, is there a company who will freight my bike back?
    Yes, contact Bikes Only or MotoMovers or Desert Edge about pricing. More info is on the Red Centre webpage here
  • I have never joined a group ride before/I don't know what bike preperation is involved, what advice do you have for me?
    Road Rider has some good general advice about group rides here. Contact your Ride Coordinator for more specific advice.
  • Who is my Ride Coordinator?
    Every state leg is assigned a Ride Coordinator. They are volunteers, please respect business hours when contacting them. Their contact details are on the main Ride to the Red Centre Page.
  • How do I fundraise for this ride?
    Start fundraising on our Everday Hero Campaign Page here: http://www.everydayhero.com.au/event/redcentre2013 Remember, it's 100% tax deductible and all funds support Lifeline and Mental Health First Aid.
  • I would like to donate something to be auctioned, how do I go about this?
    Awesome! Contact Steve once ride registrations are open.
  • I have specific dietary requirements, will you cater for this?
    Please ensure you state this on the registration form. Black Dog Ride will endeavour to cater for everyone's needs, however due to the locations and costs involved, riders will need to be understanding with the limitations of certain dietary needs within remote parts of Australia.
  • I would like to become a sponsor of the Ride to the Red Centre, how do I go about this?
    Fantastic! Please contact Steve Andrews here.
  • I'm from a media outlet, who do I contact for more information about Black Dog Ride or the Ride to the Red Centre?
    Please contact our PR Account Manager Hollie Azzopardi, details here and visit the Black Dog Ride Media Centre here.

    Black Dog Ride to the Red Centre 2012

    Black Dog Riders outside Coober Pedy on the road to the Red Centre, 2012