A Tail of Woe or
A Roo'd Encounter or....

Back in early May, Dave Barwood was keen to do this year's BDR to the Red Centre but unfortunately missed out on registering by only one day.

He was devastated at not being able to give his trusty Triumph a run to Alice Springs in support of the cause but asked to go on the wait list.

Just over a week ago he had all but given up the idea of doing the Ride when he received an unexpected phone call from me telling him that a place had become available due to a cancellation. Dave was thrilled at the chance to now participate in the Ride and began preparing his bike and started his fundraising.

All was looking good with over $1,000 raised and the Trumpy tuned for the big Ride when lady luck dealt a heavy blow in the form of our National emblem. The pictures below tell the tail (not a spelling mistake :) of woe.

Dave fortunately was not seriously injured but his bike aint goin' nowhere for quite some time, if ever at all.

So Dave's moment of excitement was quickly extinguished on Friday morning at 4am as he cruised along at 90kph in the fog. What was he doing out on the bike at that time of the morning in a pea souper? Anybody's guess!

Dave's last words to me were "I am now inspired to stop sulking and hold up my end of the deal and make something happen."

We wish Dave all the best and hope that by some miracle he can still fulfil his dream of riding to the Red Centre.

-Steve Andrews