Ryda Dot Com Deal
For Black Dog Riders

Earlier this year, Ryda Dot Com generously donated several Garmin Zumo GPS Navigation Units for a Black Dog Ride raffle and to reward top fundraisers.

But Ryda Dot Com haven't finished with their generosity!

Leo Cannavo, Managing Director, is offering a special deal just for Black Dog Riders. The Garmin Zumo GPS Navigation Unit, which has rrp of $799, is being currently offered at $678.85 in honour of Black Dog Ride.

Ryda Dot Com are extending a further margin reduction of $50.00 by offering a discount with this code: blackdog50 upon purchase.

The GarmiGarmin Zumo GPS Navigation Unit by Ryda Dot Comn Zumo GPS Nav Unit is a great investment, with unique features like life time mapping and optional tyre pressure monitor sensors which display on screen. If Black Dog Riders choose to also purchase two tyre pressure monitors then the same discount code will apply along with free delivery, offering a total saving of over $250.00!

Take advantage of this awesome offer and check out the Garmin Zumo GPS Navigation Unit here and the Garmin Zumo GPS Navigation Unit with two tyre pressure monitor sensors here.

This awesome offer is available till 30th June 2014.

Thanks Ryda Dot Com for supporting Black Dog Riders!

"A much appreciated and excellent prize"

Jake, Bridgetown 1 Dayer

"I know the Garmin Zumo is a great Navigation Unit"

Rebs, Tamworth 1 Dayer

"The Garmin Unit will sit pride and place on my husband's Harley"

Lainy, Bridgetown 1 Dayer

"It's been a great pleasure being involved with Black Dog Ride"

Leo Cannavo
Ryda Dot Com