From Black Dog Rider to Lifeline Volunteer

Riding pillion on a recent Black Dog Ride, Rowena was stunned by the prevalance and impact of depression and suicide in the community, and has stepped up to volunteer for Lifeline as a telephone crisis supporter.

Lifeline Volunteers at a Black Dog Ride. Fundraising Coordinator at Lifeline WA, Natalie Bird, on the right. Our mission at Black Dog Ride is to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention through our Rides. If we can engage as many people as possible, building a spirit of awareness and advocacy from these rides, we believe we can 'normalise' mental illness, bringing it out of the darkness and into everyday conversation where people are comfortable seeking support in a crisis.

We love to hear the positive experiences riders have after a Black Dog Ride. Just one conversation can change a life, and Rowena's experience of a Black Dog Ride has proven that to be true.

Recently, Rowena emailed us to let us know the impact a Black Dog Ride has had on her life, and to say we are touched by it is an understatement.

Dear Steve

I've been meaning to email you for sometime to say how much I enjoyed the Black Dog Ride earlier this year. A friend of mine invited me to be his pillion, and I was quite blown away by the whole day. It has definitely inspired me to take a few lessons once the weather warms up with a view to getting my own set of wheels for next year's ride! I was really impressed with the overall organisation and also the wonderful support from the various towns we went to. I'm a vegetarian so I particularly appreciated a special vego burger on arrival in Busso!

I was also stunned by the comments made and statistics given by the two speakers in Dardanup, to the point that I approached Lifeline and next month I begin their training course in the hope of becoming a volunteer telephone crisis supporter.

Thank you so much for the excellent work you do in raising money and creating awareness for this critical issue affecting so many people. Being part of the Black Dog Ride has definitely been the inspiration for a whole new journey for me.

With thanks and best wishes,


Thanks for getting in touch about your amazing journey Rowena. We hope that we touch people and in some cases change people's lives so it is wonderful to receive such inspiring feedback. You can learn more about volunteering for Lifeline's Volunteer Telephone Crisis Supporter Training here.

Let us know what you think about a Rowena's inspirational journey here.

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