Ride Preparation

Preparation for the 26 July start date.

Preparations for the official start of Black Dog Ride are on track. The bike has just been in to Auto Classic BMW for new tyres and a service so it is in tip top shape for the journey.Thanks to Daniel and the team for their excellent work and to the Company for sponsoring the ride.

I did have one setback last week when BP declined my proposal for sponsoring the fuel but as the fuel stops have already been planned in to the itinerary I will stay with BP. The other major oil companies' websites make it clear that they don't support this type of event either so I am hoping to find another sponsor for fuel.

The website, which was deigned, built and hosted by Millstream who have done an awesome job, is nearly ready for its official launch on July 1. I am learning to manage it myself so it's a slow process but I just have a bit more content to add and it's done. The other aspect of the project that I struggle with is dealing with the media. I love the interest which is being shown by a number of media outlets and definitely realise how important they are in helping to create community awareness but honestly, I really need a Media Liaison Officer. Dream on!

The article which appeared in the May issue of Riding On (the official magazine of the Ulysses Clubs of Australia) sparked a flood of email to me. They included offers of support, accommodation, donations, offers to share part of the ride with me and some amazing personal stories of how depression had impacted on their lives. I thought wow, this is what it's all about, and it is just the beginning.

Time permitting, my Blog Posts will become more regular as the start date gets closer and I hope to do them daily during the ride.

Steve Andrews

Black Dog Rider