Something very special from Christine

Christine has agreed to letting me share her personal story and insightful poem with you.

Hi Steve, Having had a battle with depression and many months hospitalized, I realize that awareness is good for society as my family were freaked out. I had no relief from drugs, but found that meditating and releasing the dark balls of fear and pain inside with an understanding friend has put me on the path of joy.

The poem I have written is funny as written from a Yobbo's view.....but underneath there is a real truth. I was going through a bout of depression when I wrote it and seeing it as it IS really helped me get through with humour too.

Have a great trip, (my partner and I have a bike too) and be safe,
Love go with you,

PS Donation happening too.

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Sometimes I get this depression

They call it the "Black Dog"..

Winston Churchill used to get it

And HE wasn't just any old bog!

I just hang around me shed

At these particular times..

I listen to the rain on the roof,

Read, lay around and pine..

I stay away from the pub

And don't pay me Mum much heed..

It all feels a bit empty and sad

Yet I have everything a bloke needs!

Depression comes on like a cloud in the sky

And just hangs round about

Havn't been able to figure out exactly why

So I just hide and ride it out..

They say its probably stuff from ya past

Comin' back to bite ya in the arse!

That sure sounds like the kinda thing

A "Black Mongrel Dog" would do, as you walk past...!!

Christine 09