Two bobs worth or a pot of gold.

Pia has agreed to let me share the powerfully moving personal story of her battle with depression. The subject line in her email read " My two bobs worth"

Hi Steve

I met you for the briefest of moments in my little craft shop, as you were searching for a 'coat' for Winston.

Not only was I impressed by your mission, but also your manner - this I believe will have the BIGGEST impact on changing the attitude and awareness of depression in rural Australia. You came across as a quietly spoken, yet organised, determined and caring man. Your eyes communicated such a strong senses of importance about your ride and it's potential to raise the dark curtain that surrounds the topic of depression.

I am 39 years old and have had clinical depression since I was 15. I will never know a life without medication for depression. However - this is NOT BAD. On medication, (as with diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, etc), I can have a normal life. There is no cure for Clinical Depression, but ALL of my symptoms are prevented by my meds. This is WONDERFUL. I have an extraordinary GP who always makes time to see me, and I see a Clinical Psychologist who helps me compartmentalise any BIG issues which crop up as a normal part of life.

Before really facing my depression five years ago, I had attempted suicide three times, by trying to drive my car at high speed into a tree. Each time 'something' stopped me at the very last second. Now - I am planning a massive party for my 40th birthday in May, 2010. I have started my own small business, I am planning an overseas holiday and I am happy every day.

I believe that the ride you are undertaking is so fantastic on so many levels. Thank you for being a bloke. Thank you for riding a bike. Thank you for talking about depression. Thank you for making it ok for others to talk about depression. Thank you for caring.

You are a legend.

Have a truly remarkable trip. I will encourage all my friends and customers to donate to this truly remarkable road-trip.