Black Dog Ride Royal Show Round Up - Farmers Fighting the Black Dog

This week, Black Dog Ride has been spending time in the Cattle Lanes at the Perth Royal Show. We've witnessed the unceasing hardwork of farmers as well as their quick humour, and the deep compassion held by farmers for others who are suffering. Yet in spite of this, primary producers have one of the highest suicide rates in the nation.

People who live off the land are generally can-do people, men and women who look for solutions when they find a problem. The cattle owners know the key to ending the tragedy of suicide is awareness of depression and suicide prevention strategies. This has been the catalyst for them to donate their time and money raising steers for sale to benefit Black Dog Ride and the Black Dog Institute.

Cattlemen planning the 2013 Black Dog Ride Muster

Cattlemen plan the 2013 Black Dog Ride Muster

This year, Dave and Audrey Weightman of Topweight Grazing Co of Margaret River donated 'Black Dog', a Simmental Steer, with proceeds going to Black Dog Ride. As a measure of the generosity of Dave and Audrey, they also donated the proceeds from the sale of another steer to a friend requiring medical treatment. It was great spending time around the Simmental Stalls, the feature breed at the year's Royal Show, to watch the cattle owners care for their cattle and the younger workers spend their small pockets of free time letting off steam with fiercely contested water fights. After a nail biting auction, Black Dog was ultimately sold to Harvey Meats for $1,200! A heartfelt thank you to the Weightmans for their generosity and work towards raising awareness of depression in regional communities!

Steve Andrews with 'Black Dog' the Simmental Steer

Steve Andrews with Black Dog, the Simmental Steer generously donated by the Weightman's of Top Weight Grazing Co, Margaret River, WA.

Peter and Judy Milton, of Dardanup's Copplestone Poll Herefords, again donated the proceeds of a steer to Black Dog Ride. As mentioned here, Harold the Hereford was bought with funds raised by the Eaton Over 50's Club and raised by the Miltons on their Dardanup Farm. Harold was auctioned off on Monday, with the Eaton Over 50's watching, for $2,000! A special shout out to Michael Borrello from Borrello Meats in Gingin for his generous bid on Harold! Peter and Judy's dedication to the Black Dog Ride mission is so uplifting, especially so when watching Peter spend much of his scarce free time rounding up support amongst cattle owners for a Black Dog Ride Muster next year! The sincerity of the cattle owners in their support for Black Dog Ride is greatly appreciated. We look forward to catching up with the Miltons and the Eaton Over 50's next March in Dardanup for the National 1 Day Ride.

Harold the HEreford with Peter Milton, Michael Borrello and Steve Andrews

Harold the Hereford with Peter Milton, Michael Borrello and Steve Andrews

Overall Black Dog Ride has had a great week at the Perth Royal Show, with depression awareness being the hot topic and conversations flowing about the black dog and how to defeat it. Journalists and photographers from the Farmers Weekly, the Countryman, SonshineFM and the Western Suburbs Weekly took time for a chat about Black Dog Ride and even the kids loved having Winston around. On Tuesday Steve even had the opportunity to ride around the arena as part of the Grand Parade!

Steve Andrews rides out to the arena for the Grand Parade

Steve Andrews rides out to join the Grand Parade.

Sincere thanks to Herefords WA, The Weightmans, the Miltons, the Eaton Over 50's Club and of course Black Dog the Simmental Steer and Harold the Hereford, for helping Black Dog Ride raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention.

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Black Dog Ride at the Perth Royal Show, 2013

Black Dog Ride and primary producers - working together to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention in regional areas.