Mad Max made me do it!

Out on the Western end of the Nullabor there's a town called Norseman with a Pub called The Railway run by a bloke called Max. Following a story on tonight's news about Black Dog Ride this is what transpired by email.

G'day Steve.
I just watched a story on what your doing on GWN.
I think it's a really good thing you are doing and If you haven't already booked accommodation in Norseman I would like to offer you accommodation for free at our motel.


I hadn't responded to that email when in came this one.

G'day Steve.
Mate I just had a look at your itinerary and I see your not stopping in Norseman, I think it's a mistake and you should rethink your itinerary. First light in Norseman is currently 6:28am and last light is 5:27pm ( ) Riding any stretch of the Eyre highway (The Nullarbor) in the dark is crazy, there are too many Kangaroos, Emus and Camels. I have a truckie sitting at the bar as I type this and he said there dead kangaroos all over the side of the road.


I thought, this guys keen and responded.

Hi Max

You are a bloody legend! Not only are you talking to a total stranger that you saw on the tv but you have offered me accommodation, provided the daylight report, the fauna report and rewritten my itinerary for me. I hadn't actually planned to ride at night, I was going to do Albany to Balladonia in the daylight but you are very peruasive so what the hell, book me in!

The change means I will have a couple of very big days to get to Adelaide but I can't knock back an offer like yours. I will make my next overnight stop Nundroo, you don't happen to know anyone there I suppose?

I'll make the changes to the itinerary tonight and blame it on you in my next blog.

Look forward to meeting you on the 27th.


To which Max came back with:

G'day Steve.
I'm glad I changed your mind.
Do you have a support crew?
How many beds do you need?
I don't know anyone at Nundroo and if they charge you they are bloody mugs.
Cheers Max.

What a guy, can't wait to meet him!