Kathryn's story about her depression

Hi Steve,

I was watching the (very) late news tonight and saw a segment on your ride around Australia.

Depression, besides being an illness, is also (I BELIEVE) a heriditary condition. My paternal Grandmother, my father, myself and one of my sons had/has it.

I am lucky..... I have found help - by taking tablets every day and I function very well in my daily life now. My son is also taking tablets every day. It helps.... we can function..........and have a good life NOW!

If there is anything I wish for, in any research, is an answer just WHY and WHAT in our genes causes this terrible dis-ease/illness.

I wish you well on your ride Steve............ and I wish you FUN, health and happiness. I hope you meet many many wonderful people and experience truly amazing things on this amazing journey you are about to embark upon!

With regards


PS I have donated to your endeavour.