"It isn't just about riding your bike..."

A message about the upcoming Black Dog Ride to the Red Centre, from Black Dog Ride Founder and National Coordinator Steve Andrews.

"Black Dog Ride to the Red Centre isn't just about riding your bike, it isn't about the places we stay at along the way or the final iconic destination, it isn't about the functions we attend or the meals the wonderful Lions provide us, and it isn't about the camaraderie and friendships which develop as we share the road together. It isn't even about the communities we interact with during the journey, the awareness we create as we travel the highways with our Winstons or the money we raise for worthy organisations.

Black Dog Riders in Coober Pedy, 2012 - Image courtesy Nicole Weissenfels

"No, it isn't about any one of these things, it's about all of them combining to make a unique and very special event which has been, and is still, making a big difference to the way countless thousands of people around Australia view and act towards the often hidden subjects of depression and suicide.

"If you remove one or more of these aspects from our Ride you detract from the very essence of what we are trying to achieve, you eat away at the core of what Black Dog Ride is about and in my opinion, you lessen the rider experience.

"The overwhelming response to this year's Ride has placed enormous pressure on our small management team (Fiona and I) and we have had to make decisions which gave us no pleasure but nevertheless, we believe had to be made in the overall interests of safety, logistics and the rider enjoyment of the event in its entirety.

"We are genuinely disappointed for you if you have missed out on registering as a Red Centre Rider but encourage you to enjoy the Black Dog Ride experience and support our cause by taking part as a Day Rider or spending between 1 and 3 days on the road as a Night Rider.

Thank you.

Steve Andrews"

You can read more about the Black Dog Ride to the Red Centre here.

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