Is fish oil the answer?

I wanted to share with you the following email from a Black Dog Ride supporter.

hiya Steve
i thought i would let you in on some stuff that recently happened,
i don't know if you remember, i got hurt at work that lead to depression and i live with chronic pain,

i had been feeling wrong for a while i was doing what the Dr.'s told me and taking the pain med's,

my hubby took me away for 10 days after my 40th birthday,it was good and bad,

anyway i started to get this numb tingling feeling in my mouth and my neck felt like it was swelling,
so off to the hospital i go where i crash,they inject me with benzitrophine,
that reacts with my pain medication,i end up in a palsy type state for one totally terrifying week,

during that time i had an appointment with pain management specialist Stephanie Davies
so she explains a whole heap of things,
so now i

m completely off my anti depressants,

I'm only taking pain medication for 10/10 pain,
Yes, I am in pain but my head is clear!

I feel like I have woken up after 5 years!

the only thing that is different ... 12 x 1000 mg tablets of fish oil, seriously i am completely blown away
my mind has not felt this good in such a long time

there is still a long way to go and i have been left with a nasty side effect from the medication cocktail i was on

temporal frontal lobe epilepsy i am unsure if it is permanent,

the best thing is the depression has gone,
i wish all people with depression could try the fish oil for a month just to see if it works for them also,

if you try it make sure you have a good feed before the fish oil,

best of luck on the ride you have no idea how much i wish i was on a bike along side you

you are doing a truly wonderful thing

all the best

Miss Peetie