Black Dog Ride Inside The Cattle Lanes

Primary producers in Australia have a disproportionately high suicide rate compared to other occupations in Australia.

Black Dog Ride, led by friends in the agriculture industry, are facing these tragic statistics head on with a mission to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention amongst primary producers.

Last year we introduced you to Peter and Judy Milton, two farmers from the Southwest of WA, who raised Harold The Hereford. We followed them to the Perth Royal Show where they, along with Dave and Audrey Weightman of Topweight Grazing raised and auctioned off two steers to benefit Black Dog Ride's mission to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention.

Peter and Judy have long been supporting the mission of Steve Andrews, founder of The Black Dog Ride, to raise awareness about depression amongst primary producers. Their message is spreading throughout the Cattle Lanes and further afield, and they are using their spotlight at the Perth Royal Show to raise funds and awareness about issues affecting rural communities.

Judy and Peter Milton. © Liza Semler

Liza Semler also followed Peter and Judy Milton around the Cattle Lanes of the Perth Royal Show. Liza is a freelance documentary photographer from the United States who has called Western Australia home for the past five years. Her work is often focused on rural life and traditions that involve food from the farm to the table. Liza's time with Peter and Judy Milton has been beautifully presented in the touching video presentation Inside The Cattle Lanes.

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Inside the Cattle Lanes follows our friends Peter and Judy Milton as they call the Claremont Showgrounds home for 12 days during the Perth Royal Show. The story touches on farmer camaraderie, competition and intimate issues affecting farming communities.

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