"I just want to sleep and not wake."

A real life story.

Dear Steve,

My name is Rod, I'm 42 years of age and live in NSW.Steve in July of 2009 I suffered to what I would liken a nervous brake-down. For one week and then for close to a month after I was unable to function and life was like something I would not wish on anyone.

Steve I just wanted to share that I have pride in what you are trying to achieve and I liken depression to being a yacht on a vast ocean without the wind. I have been on medication and taking visits each fortnight to a Psychologist and I feel like the wind has been taken from my life. Many a time I feel as though I just want to sleep and not wake, for often life just feels all to hard.

I would just like to say Steve that yes depression is like a stigma, the thing that hurts me the most is that I can talk to people about how I feel but often the people who I really want to care like my parents just don't see it. When I was leaving a school female friend once told me, " In the Ocean stood a silent rock, and upon it carved forget me not". Sounds very true!

Just wanted to share, and best of luck with the future!

Sincerely, Rod