Grommit says " Exercise Your Mood"

"I need to get off my arse."

I receive many emails from supporters but this one from Grommit tickled my fancy. He, is going to exercise his mood!

"Hi Steve,

I had a total change of mind today and I bought the Sunday Times, no real big deal for most households in Perth, but it has done me wonders.
The most important thing, I saw your BDR Ride mentioned in the Motor Cycle Upcoming Events article and I thought, that's what I need to do, get off my arse, and do something, rather than have the Black dog control me, its time for me to take control.

Hence you will see I have registered for the ride, thankfully I have just over a month to get myself somewhere mobile, at 61, I am not to bad a shape, just need a bit,(read as a lot) of tidying up, and get off the grog!!

I have just bought a new Guzzi, and what a way to run it in!! I do have past experiences of doing long trips on a bike, due to me past work in the North West, so it will be good for me to get back to that, and feel the gratitude of doing a good few hours in the saddle, but more importantly this time for a good cause.

Maybe, if you live in Busselton, I could ride down to meet you before the event, as it would be good to catch up and have a chat.

All the best, regards from Chris, alias GROMMIT.