Fireman Sam Opens Up

There were many riders on our Ride to the Red Centre who undertook more than just a bike ride! This is Sam's perspective on his journey.

"Hi again Steve
Great to get the call from you on Friday, still can't believe I did that long ride and did not have a sore rear end, who said its only a small island ?!!!!. and this being the longest ride ever for me.

Anyway mate all the way up to Alice, I am inside my helmet thinking all about my life and where this went wrong and this didn't go wrong, etc etc.

But after listening to the speakers at Glen Helen I feel rejuvenated and a new window has opened up for me, where I know now that there are so many people close by to me who have suffered directly themselves, or have had a family member or friend suffer from this awful affliction we know as deppression.

I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to all who attended Black Dog Ride to the Red Centre for their efforts in this cause, their camaraderie and their honesty.

I feel so privileged to have been a listener in such an open and intimate forum, the stories that were shared only fuelled my desire not to let myself fall at the hurdles I seem to place in front of myself which seem to be of huge magnitude. I know I must minimise all these small insignificant hurdles and turn them into a positive or at least know they are of no barrier to me and my new found desire to love my life and the members of my family and my friends.

I have spoken to my medical people and they are fully aware and appreciative of your work Steve, I so look forward to giving them the next installment.

So the journey back became an epic in not only the distance but the talking myself and I had inside the helmet, stopping every so often just to see the sheer size of nature, I now have many positive goals to strive for from this experience.

Looking forward to the next epic.