Father and Son - a special bond

A Black Dog Rider gives us an update of his and his son's lives since the Black Dog Ride to the Red Centre 2010.

Black Dog Riders who rode to the Red Centre in 2010 will remember Les and his son Jason, who courageously gave a brutally honest and gut wrenching account of his own experience with the black dog. Those who heard it will never forget it, neither will they forget too soon the tangible love Jason had for his "old man" Les who stood by him for months on end, helping Jason push the black dog to the corner of his life instead of the main stage. It was Les who encouraged Jason to participate in the Black Dog Ride to the Red Centre.

Jason at the Ride to the Red Centre 2010

Above, an image of Jason during the Ride to the Red Centre, 2010.

Below, reading from top to bottom, is a recent email exchange between Les and Steve Andrews. Steve asked Les for permission to publish the exchange on the Black Dog Ride Blog so other riders out there who are struggling will know they're not alone in doing it tough. In Les' words, it "helps a lot having having someone to spill your guts to and that does not judge you". With the exception of excerpts edited for privacy or clarity, the exchange is as it was written.

There is a happy ending here, as Les also says Jason is going ahead in "leaps and bounds" since his Black Dog Ride experience, welcome news which will no doubt be greeted with both pride and pleasure from all corners of Australia.

I'll let Les' words speak for themselves.

Hey Steve
Les here ,mate things not to good over the past year or so ,wife had bad car prang 6months off work etc etc ,bike got stolen from hospital while I was down there seeing her,that bastard of dog has had its claws and teeth in even turned to the bottle for a time but s#$% it give me a sore head, mate if I can get things together before the ride I would love to see you guys again but lets just see how things go.Will stop boring you now and let you go hope to talk soon.

Hi Les
Great to hear from you mate, and please don't ever think that you might be boring me, I mean it! Sounds like you've had a really rough trot and definitely need to get a bit of Black Dog Ride in your life. We'd certainly love to to have you join us this year and Jason as well if he's available. How's he doing?

BTW, Angry is doing the whole Ride this year and putting on a gig in Alice for us.

Mate, I hope you can make it, even if it's just for a few days but preferably to Port Augusta at least so I can buy you a "coke" [?]

Would you mind if we put your email on the BDR Blog. I think it helps other people who are struggling to see that someone else is doing it tough with the mongrel as well. What do you think? Hope to see you soon.
Cheers, Steve

Hi Steve
That helps a lot having having someone to spill your guts to and that does not judge you or give you the harden up you sook line.Mate, Jason has come along in leaps and bounds since the ride and well on the way to not having to put up with the mongrel bloody dog, if you wish to do anything with this email or any other go your hardest mate. Some people at work had a fund raiser the other week for black dog ,mate first time I've given anything for along time the bastard even brought a tear to me just thinking about you guys and the ride, Idon't think we will make it this year (Jason AND Myself ) as he just got a job after a long lay off and I have not got another bike yet ,however I do have a ute and may be able to swing some time to do back up for the bikes will see how I go, any way thanks for listening Steve will talk soon.

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