The Tiny Town With a Huge Heart

Eromanga's claim to fame is that it is the Australian town located furthest away from the ocean in any direction. A one pub town of perhaps a dozen dwellings, this south west QLD hamlet of mining and cattle raising has recently proven that what it lacks in size it makes up for with heart.

Black Dog Rider Steve Lindsay lives in Eromanga when he's not working on the oilfields 30kms out of town. Steve contacted us to let us know he'd be organising a Black Dog Ride "Reef and Beef" fundraiser and awareness night at the town's sole pub, in memory of two great mates, Mark and Paul.

We were touched that in one of the most remote places in Australia, Black Dog Ride's message of depression and suicide prevention awareness was being heard.

Some weeks later, Steve swung us an email again and in his laconic outback style, let us know his little pub fundraiser which had auctions, raffles and live music, raised a whopping $6,700 for Black Dog Ride's beneficiaries Lifeline and MHFA!

Suicide prevention awareness was the hot topic in town and a Black Dog Rider's initiative has made a lasting impact upon locals.

Browse the fantastic gallery below, and please let the terrific town of Eromanga know of your appreciation here. You can still donate to the cause here.

Our gratitude goes to Steve Lindsay and the following locals who pulled together this fantastic initiative. Every item raffled and auctioned was donated by the locals and businesses in the town of Eromanga and the town of Quilpie about 130kms away. Through their touching generosity, all funds were able to be directed at Black Dog Ride's beneficiaries to ensure they can continue their life saving suicide prevention projects in every region of Australia.

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