Gordon's Story

Not an issue to feel ashamed of.

Fellow rider Gordon read an article I wrote for a bike magazine. It changed his life. This is what he had to say....

" Hey Steve

Just received my May edition of 'Riding On' and am so appreciative of your article. I've been a 'Junior' member of the Ulysses Club for about 2 year now (sad to say I've not been on a ride yet) but am crossing over to full membership this week as I reach the 50 year old mark.

Your article struck a chord with me at this time, as I have been 'challenged' with a number of issues relating to depression and the struggle to see past the here and now. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the effort you have put into the ride to raise both money and awareness of this disorder. It is an insidious illness which can sneak up on the unsuspecting and cause unnecessary harm to both the inflicted and those around. Your article has prompted me to seek professional care and has reassured me that it's not an issue to take lightly nor feel ashamed of. I work in a 'white collar' environment and always tend to be guarded about how others see this debilitating illness and your efforts are a significant step towards unvailing the stigma that is associated with this illness.

Once again, thankyou and I hope that I might get the opportunity to get along to Glen Helen....

Gordon "