1 Dayer Raffle and Fundraising Winners

Ryda Dot Com generously donated several Garmin Zumo GPS Navigation Units for a Black Dog Ride pre-registration raffle and to reward the top 3 individual fundraisers.

The pre-registration raffle, for riders who pre-register for the 1 Dayer prior by March 16th (which helps us immensely with catering and stock), was drawn on Sunday March 23rd by ABC Perth's Gillian O'Shaughnessy in Bridgetown in the presence of 630 Black Dog Riders.

Garmin Zumo GPS Navigation Unit by Ryda Dot Com The first prize included the spectacular Black Dog Ride 1 Dayer Ring handcrafted by Black Dog Rider Clayton Gordon, in addition to a Garmin Zumo GPS Navigation Unit valued at $799 rrp. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th raffle prize winners received one Garmin Zumo GPS Navigation Unit.

Winners of the pre-registration raffle:

David Crouch, Kalgoorlie 1 Dayer

Jake Long, Bridgetown 1 Dayer

Rebs Capel Tamworth 1 Dayer

Lainy Collison, Bridgetown 1 Dayer

David was on a beach with an iPad when his mates encouraged him to pre-register for the 1 Dayer, and he's walked (or ridden) away with a $1500 unique 9ct gold ring plus a $799 GPS unit!

Black Dog Ride Raffle Winner Jake with his Garmin GPS Unit Jake has proudly sent in photos of his "much appreciated and excellent" prize!

Lainy tells us the unit will sit in pride of place on top of her hubby's Harley Davidson.

Rebs said, "I believe this ride is an important way to not only to raise money for depression but also to lift the profile of the illness and, hopefully make the wider community more aware of the issue."

Winners of the Top 3 Individual Fundraisers

The Top 3 Individual Fundraisers on Everyday Hero at 9am on 4th April were:

Katrina Tedge, Kalgoorlie 1 Dayer - $4,170
Russell Cooper, Kalgoorlie 1 Dayer - $2,250
Dave Holland, Bridgetown 1 Dayer - $2,191

Well done and congratulations! These funds go directly to supporting Lifeline Australia's vital crisis support and suicide prevention work across the nation.

Ryda Dot Com Deal for Black Dog Riders!

Ryda Dot Com hasn't finished with their generosity quite yet! Ryda Dot Com is making a great offer in support for the Black Dog Ride cause and appreciation for the time Black Dog Riders have given for their ride.

Leo Cannavo, Managing Director, is offering a special deal for Black Dog Riders. The Garmin Zumo GPS Navigation Unit, which has rrp of $799, is being currently offered at $678.85 in honour of the 1 Dayer ride. Ryda Dot Com are extending a further margin reduction of $50.00 by offering a discount with this code: blackdog50 upon purchase.

The Garmin Zumo GPS Nav Unit is a great investment, with unique features like life time mapping and optional tyre pressure monitor sensors which display on screen. If Black Dog Riders choose to also purchase two tyre pressure monitors then the same discount code will apply along with free delivery, offering a total saving of over $250.00!

To take advantage of this great offer, check out the Garmin Zumo GPS Navigation Unit here and the Garmin Zumo GPS Navigation Unit with two tyre pressure monitor sensors here.

This awesome offer is available till 30th June 2014.

Thank you Ryda Dot Com for your generous support of Black Dog Riders!

Black Dog Ride 1 Dayer Raffle Winner Jake