Goals of the T4T Grant Funding program

The Black Dog Ride Australia T4T program is focused on supporting initiatives that; help people who suffer from mental illness, help prevent suicide, and raise awareness of both mental health and suicide prevention. We are seeking to distribute funding as widely as possible (in terms of location), in programs that make a cost effective, demonstrable and sustainable difference in peoples' lives. We also seek to ensure that T4T grants have the best chance of success and sustainability.


To be eligible to apply for a T4T Grant through Black Dog Ride Australia, applicants must meet the following criteria:

●  Applicants must be supported by either a; not-for-profit organisation, a not-for-profit constituted body (such as an incorporated association), or a not-for-profit community group.

●  The intended use of the funds applied for must be consistent with Black Dog Ride Australia's goals of the T4T Grant Funding program, as stated above.

●  Please read the terms stated in the declaration section at the end of this form before you start.

●  Please note that the person completing this application must be able to nominate a supporting agency or an employer (or auspicing agency) that will support them in attaining and maintaining their registration.

●  The supporting agency must also fill in and sign this form.


Applications for this round of community grant funding must be made using this form, and be emailed as an attachment to office@blackdogride.org.au .

Please do not post a hard copy of your application. Additional information beyond what is requested within this form is not required. Should further information be required we will contact you.

Application Process

To apply for funding through Black Dog Ride Australia, please follow the instructions below

1. Complete the relevant T4T Grant Application Form and ensure the word limit for each section is adhered to.

2. Submit your application, as outlined above.

3. You will receive a response by email acknowledging receipt of your submission.

4. All applications will be reviewed by members of a Black Dog Ride board subcommittee.

5. Application outcomes will be advised by email to the contact person you nominate on the application form. It is our aim to notify your contact person of the outcome of your submission as soon as possible.

Applications that are incomplete or ineligible will not be considered.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact the Black Dog Ride Australia office on office@blackdogride.org.au .

T4T Grant Category

Currently you are able to apply for a Mental Health First Aid Train the Trainer Grant Category A as detailed below.

It is essential that individuals who are applying to be a trainer have a supporting organisation who will aid you in attaining and maintaining your trainer status and provide support for you to conduct workshops. This includes consideration of costs of workshop materials, venue support and co trainers where required.

Grant Detail Overview:

A.Mental Health First Aid train the trainer        Fill in T4T form A MHFA

This grant exists to have a nominated person trained to become a "Mental Health First Aid" trainer for your community. The nominated person must first confirm their eligibility to become a MHFA instructor. Please refer to https://mhfa.com.au/be-an-instructor. If they are selected and approved to become a MHFA trainer and a grant for this is awarded, the T4T fee will be paid directly to Mental Health First Aid Australia by Black Dog Ride Australia.