2010 Black Dog Ride to the Red Centre

5th - 11th September 2010

In 2010 Steve Andrews and nearly 200 riders from all around Australia joined forces to ride to Glen Helen Resort in the Red Centre. This awesome adventure was taken up by riders of all ages and on a huge variety of bikes. Some could only ride for a day or two, others were able to join the ride for the whole distance. Each one of these Black Dog Riders helped to bring attention to the debilitating illness of depression which affects some 1 in 5 Australians.

Take a look at highlights of the 2010 Ride to the Red Centre on YouTube put together by the talented crew over at Lomax Media.

You can also read the moving personal account of the ride written by Jaye, our only female rider from WA who rode the entire distance to the Red Centre.

The Cause

Depression is an epidemic of modern times - the statistics are quite staggering.

  • 1 in 5 people will experience depression in their lifetime. Over 50% of them will not seek treatment.
  • This year alone 1,000,000 people in Australia will experience a depressive illness.
  • Depression is the third largest individual heath problem in Australia after heart disease and stroke.
  • In the work place depression accounts for six million working days lost each year.
  • There are still high levels of stigma associated with depression.

Remember, depression is an illness, not a weakness and effective treatments are available. It's important to seek help early and with the right treatment most people recover. If you are concerned that you or someone you know may be suffering from depression talk to a doctor or another health professional today. If we talk about depression and work together we can make a difference.

The Black Dog Institute

Black Dog Ride to the Red Centre was the first event registered for Exercise Your Mood week, an exciting national initiative by the Black Dog Institute .

All funds raised by the Ride, nearly $80,000, were donated to the Institute whose mission is to advance the understanding, diagnosis and management of the mood disorders by continuously raising clinical, research, education and training standards. In so doing, the Institute aims to improve the lives of those affected - and in turn - the lives of their families and friends.