Around Australia Ride FAQs

We receive a number of frequently asked questions about the ride. We have collated them, and the answers, here for your easy reference. Please read them before contacting us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where does the Ride begin and end?
    The Black Dog Ride around Australia will depart Sydney, NSW, on July 26th 2014, take 32 days, and end in Sydney on August 26th. Around Australia Riders are expected to complete the full distance from beginning to end.
  • Can I take a pillion rider?
    Due to space limitations, registrations are targeted towards riders only. Only a very small number of pillion registrations have been made available. There will be State Rides occuring during the same period of the Around Australia Ride, of approximately 4-6 days duration, and these rides have plenty of room for pillion riders.
  • I've paid for my registration but something has come up and I need to cancel my registration! What do I do?
    Contact Fiona for all registration queries.
    The Black Dog Ride around Australia Cancellation Policy is as follows:
    Cancellations before 31/12/13 will receive a full refund less 10% processing fee.
    Cancellations between 01/01/14 and 31/03/14 will receive a 50% refund.
    Cancellations between 01/04/14 and 30/06/14 will receive a 50% refund only if we are able to fill their position with another rider.
    Cancellations after 30/06/14 will not receive a refund.
  • Why do you need certain info on the registration form?
    All information given to Black Dog Ride is held in the strictest confidentiality and is not sold, shared or otherwise distributed with any outside organisation. The information collected is required to ensure we know who every rider is, are able to contact them, can post out the Riders Kit to them, and can inform emergency services of relevant details should a rider be involved in an accident or sustain an injury whilst on the ride.
  • I had funds taken out by my bank after I registered. What is this?
    Your bank may impose a small "overseas transaction tax" as Eventbrite is a Canadien entity. This is out of the hands of Eventbrite, Black Dog Ride and/or it's beneficiaries and Black Dog Ride does not see a cent of it. Please contact your bank.
  • Is my registration tax deductible?
    Ride registration is a payment for goods (merchandise) and services received, so therefore is not tax deductible.
  • What are the distance travelled on the ride?
    The distance travelled for Around Australia Riders is approximately 14,500kms. There will be rest days every 5-7 days. This equates to an average of around 540kms per day on the riding days. There are 5 days of riding 750+ kms.
  • What are the distances between fuel stops?
    The greatest distance between petrol stations is 289kms but the average fuel stop will be approx. 200 kms. A fully loaded bike with a normal fuel range of less than 250kms (allowing for reduced economy with headwinds etc) will require you to carry extra fuel.
  • Are accomodation and/or meals included in the registration cost?
    No. Ride registration ensures we reserve your place in the ride. Black Dog Ride will arrange and inform riders of reasonably priced accomodation for every leg, generally discounted for Black Dog Riders. Lions Clubs will be providing low cost meals regularly, but meal costs are not inclusive of registration costs.
  • I can't ride the whole distance, is it ok just to ride a day or two?
    No. Around Australia Riders are expected to ride the full distance from Sydney to Sydney. Black Dog Ride will open registrations for State Rides in 2014, and these rides are approximately 5-7 days duration. The State Rides will be held in July and August 2014.
  • Can I camp or take my swag?
    Due to accomodation limitations in various locations on the Around Australia Ride, you must be prepared to camp for a few days. You can, however, choose to camp every evening if you wish.
  • Are all roads sealed?
    Yes, the ride is conducted on sealed roads, however there may be unforeseen roadworks on route. Your Ride Coordination Team can advise you.
  • I want to drive my car along with you all, is this ok?
    Registrations are reserved for riders only. We appreciate that so many would like to follow our journey, but safety, space and logistical considerations prohibit multiple cars from joining us.
  • Is there are support vehicle?
    Yes, the Ride will be accompanied by 2 Support Vehicles with trailers, a 1st Aid Officer and a Mental Health Liaison.
  • Will the support vehicle carry some of my gear for me?
    No. Riders are expected to carry their own gear.
  • Will the support vehicle have a trailer and can they tow my bike if I break down?
    Yes, support vehicles will have a bike trailer and will assist you should you need it. However, we strongly encourage riders to have roadside assistance.
  • If I want to fly my bike to and from Sydney, is there a company I can use?
    Yes, Bikes Only has put together great pricing for the Black Dog Ride.
  • I have never joined a group ride or a long distance ride before and I don't know what bike preperation is involved, what advice do you have for me?
    Road Rider has some good general advice about group rides here.
  • What do I get for my registration fee?
    You will receive a unique commemorative BDR jacket, 2 x polo shirts, 1 cap, stickers, badges, keytag, BDR around Australia Road Book plus a certificate of participation upon completion of the Ride. The Ride will be accompanied by 2 Support Vehicles with trailers, a 1st Aid Officer and a Mental Health Liaison to provide for your physical and mental wellbeing.
  • How do I fundraise for this ride?
    The Ride Coordination Team will contact you when fundraising officially opens.
  • I have specific dietary requirements, will you cater for this?
    Please ensure you state this on the registration form. Black Dog Ride will endeavour to cater for everyone's needs, however due to the locations and costs involved, riders will need to be understanding with the limitations of certain dietary needs within remote parts of Australia.
  • I would like to become a sponsor of this Ride, how do I go about this?
    Fantastic! Please contact Steve Andrews here.
  • I'm from a media outlet, who do I contact for more information about Black Dog Ride or the Ride to the Red Centre?
    Please visit the Black Dog Ride Media Centre here.