Social Seniors Winning Health Battle

In a national first, Probus South Pacific Limited and Black Dog Ride (BDR) are partnering to promote the health benefits of staying socially connected to Australia's 4.3 million retirees.

sandra-helkin-david-helkin-and-judith-maestracci.jpgRecent results from a representative Australian sample found 46% of Australians aged 65 or above felt they lacked companionship at least sometimes, and with rates of emotional loneliness highest in Australians aged 75 or above, Probus and BDR's partnership couldn't have come at a better time.

The pandemic is still being felt, with social isolation gripping some older Australians, leading to loneliness, depression and declining physical health. Probus is more important than ever with evidence indicating retirees who remain social through group activities improve their overall well-being.

Probus and BDR are uniting to spread the word on the psychological and mental health benefits social connectedness brings. This partnership will raise awareness and encourage older Australians to join Probus, a social group helping older Australians make new friends and stay active and engaged in their local communities.

Lawson Dixon, General Manager of BDR said, "We are so proud to be collaborating with Probus as BDR have always created and supported opportunities to build important social links for riders, community members and community groups.
"By working together, we can positively impact the lives of older Australians, helping facilitate meaningful connections with like-minded people." he continued.

Probus offers a wide range of activities, including outings, trips and interest groups, encouraging members to become and stay engaged. Clubs meet monthly and host a variety of guest speakers to interest, educate and fascinate.

Probus CEO, Silvana Martignago said, "Too often, retirees focus on their financial well-being in retirement and give little thought to their social well-being. This is where we come in as an inclusive and welcoming social club.
"We are very grateful to BDR for their support as we continue to benefit older Australians with social connections and activities.
sandra-helkin-david-helkin-and-judith-maestracci-1.jpg"There are already thousands of Probus Club members across Australia enjoying fun and friendship and we invite everyone who is retired or semi-retired to discover Probus today" Mrs. Martignago said.

Background Information: Probus, established in Australia 46 years ago, is a global not-for-profit community organisation with
a volunteer management board. With over 1,450 Clubs in all States and Territories cross Australia,
Probus provides retirees and semi-retires with the opportunity to connect socially and maintain an
active role in their local communities.