On the 10th Anniversary of the ride that inspired a nation, Black Dog Riders will embark on a 15,700km epic journey of personal discovery and community awareness.

In 2009, after the suicide of a loved one, Steve saddled up and set out to raise awareness of depression. 10 years later his visionary act has grown into a nationally respected Australian mental health charity involving hundreds of community leaders with lived experience organising activities each year, all with one aim: to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention.


On July 26th 2019, Black Dog Ride will be departing from Busselton WA, the original departure date and location in 2009.

Those who would love to join us but can't get the time off work or commit the funds are encouraged to join us on our State Rides, and Around Australia Riders will meet up with them during the lap of our nation. There is room on the full lap for you, register today!


Support our intrepid adventurers as they undertake a life changing journey to empower communities around Australia by shining a beacon of hope into the shadows to leash the black dog of depression.

All funds raised will be put into Black Dog Ride's Community Funding Pool to fund small grants across the nation for projects which lead to positive mental health outcomes in our communities.

Donate here:

As Black Dog Ride is a charity every donation over $2 is tax deductible, and funds raised will go into Black Dog Ride's community funding pool to fund mental health projects across the country.


Find more info on the full lap and the state legs here.

"Mental health is about all of us, it's not something to hide in the closet and Black Dog Ride is doing that, it's having a very positive impact."

Jenni Morley, Health Worker, Coober Pedy Hospital and Health Service

"There's nothing like some motorcycles coming to town to get people to talk, and they say, well what's that about? That gets the conversations going, that improves awareness."

Dr Graham Jacobs, Ret, WA MP

"Black Dog Ride has an important role in building awareness of depression and encouraging Australians, particularly men, to seek help early."

Fiona Kalaf, CEO, Lifeline WA

"Yep, there were some big loud black bikes and big (and small) blokes (and ladies) in leather, and they were a group of wonderful people. Black Dog Riders were not just out to enjoy an organised bike ride together, but to strengthen the communities they rode through and to support each other to improve their mental health."

Betty Kitchener, OAM, Founder of Mental Health First Aid

"Black Dog Ride is massive leader in real world conversations, making mental health conversations real and practical."

Peter Shmigel, CEO, Lifeline Australia