Registrations Open!

Black Dog Ride is headed to
the Top End in 2018!

In August this year, hundreds of Black Dog Riders will embark on a life changing journey culminating in our arrival in Darwin on the 17th August in celebration of the coming together of Black Dog Riders from every corner of the country, united on our mission to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention!

Registrations for this ride will open in April, and the dates of departure from each state are:

WA: 9th August, departing from the Swan Valley
TAS: 9th August, departing from Devonport
VIC: 10th August, departing from Castlemaine
NSW/ACT: 10th August, departing from Dubbo
QLD: 11th August, departing from Old Petrie Town
SA: 12th August, departing from Nuriootpa
NT: 17th August, meeting Black Dog Ride in Katherine

All Black Dog Riders meet at Katherine on 17th August for a national ride en masse into Darwin, enjoying a long awaited sundowner together.

On the 18th August, Black Dog Riders will come together again for the Top End 2018 Finale, a fun filled night at Crocosaurus Cove with a Cage of Death crocodile dive, and we will hear from the inspirational Allan Sparkes as a guest speaker.

Head over to the main Top End 2018 webpage here:
for more info and registration.

"Mental health is about all of us, it's not something to hide in the closet and Black Dog Ride is doing that, it's having a very positive impact."

Jenni Morley, Health Worker, Coober Pedy Hospital and Health Service

"Yep, there were some big loud black bikes and big (and small) blokes (and ladies) in leather, and they were a group of wonderful people. Black Dog Riders were not just out to enjoy an organised bike ride together, but to strengthen the communities they rode through and to support each other to improve their mental health."

Betty Kitchener, OAM, Founder of Mental Health First Aid