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December 2018

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With news about our CEO moving on, our National Office relocation, a heartwarming story about a cattleman with a passion for suicide prevention, a brand new rider utilising a workplace campaign to raise funds and awareness, retiring and incoming volunteers and staff, and upcoming rides including the Expressions of Interest for our 2019 Around Australia Ride, take a break from the festive season rush and have a read here.

The Christmas period is a time that emphasises spending time with your loved ones. Work winds down, schools finish for the year, people plan holidays.

For many of us, the festive season is a time of happiness, fulfilment and relaxation.

But for some of us Christmas may be a difficult time, a lonely time, a time when finances are stretched or festive stress is just too much.

We encourage anyone feeling isolated, or experiencing difficulties to reach out to friends, family, a GP, find resources on our helpful links page: http://www.blackdogride.com/crisis-support, or call Lifeline 24/7 on 13 11 14.

You are never alone.

Black Dog Ride is grateful to you all for such an uplifting and constructive 2018.

We give our best wishes to you and your loved ones for a safe, happy, and peaceful Christmas and New Year.

The Black Dog Ride Team

Feedback from 2018

"The best thing about Black Dog Ride is the fantastic fellowship with likeminded people. I lost a nephew to suicide and hearing others stories inspires me to keep being involved in this amazing cause..."

"The comradery is unmatched as is feeling of being involved in community for such an amazing cause."

"The reason for the ride is the common thread and no matter who you are, what you ride, there is than companionship and everyone looks out for everyone on all levels, be it physically or mentally, previous friendships are renewed, but the best thing is new friendships are made."

"I loved being able to creating bonds with new friends and being made to feel equal and included…"

"The level of support in the small communities we stopped at blew my mind."

"Some of us might not have come across one another before, but we all connected and formed lifelong friendships which are the best support networks…"

"This Black Dog Ride was the best opportunity to meet new people and the support and comradery they showed each other from the get go. To travel with these people while supporting a great and worthwhile cause was awesome."

"The ride, the riders, the engagement with the community, the comradeship was the best. Thank you."

"The camaraderie and connection between all the riders was great. Loved the Community Engagement."

"Thank you for giving us the courage to be able assist our students and friends when things get tough and be that ear that listens."

"Black dog Riders are the greatest, they know what it's like to live with the black dog so they understand and meeting them gave me alotta hope."