Brainstorming the Road Ahead for Black Dog Ride

Last month, Black Dog Ride's stakeholders - State Coordinators, Subcommittee Members, Staff and Board met in Fremantle WA.

Facing a crossroads this year, the BDR brains trust came together to evaluate and assess the internal and external environment of Black Dog Ride; develop measurable objectives going forward; and work towards establishing the vision and values which drives Black Dog Ride's direction, sustainability and outcomes as a suicide prevention charity into the future.

With a massive pool of talent around Australia and every Black Dog Rider immensely passionate about preventing suicide, the road ahead may have hurdles, but it's clear that as a collective family, Black Dog Ride has a strong and sustainable future carrying our message of hope to communities nationwide. Hope brings with it a light amidst the darkness of depression and other mental illnesses, and shines a beacon on the road ahead, highlighting possibilities and potential previously shadowed in the darkness brought by the black dog.

Black Dog Ride's Brains Trust

With the road ahead mapped out, Black Dog Ride's Working Parties and Subcommittees are now working together to develop strategies to navigate that road. The light on the horizon looms brightly for Black Dog Ride!

Our heartfelt thanks go to all the State Coords, Subcommittee Members and Staff for their time, input, expertise and love they put into the weekend. Legends one and all!

Check out the album of the Vision and Values weekend on Facebook here.

Special thanks to Dave David Bassett of Yahava KoffeeWorks and Ngareta Bassett of BrandNew - Strategic Repositioning for donating their time and talent for Black Dog Ride. We're so grateful to you both, thank you.

QLD Coordinator and Volunteer Development Subcommittee Member Michael Young; NT Coordinator and MH Subcommittee Chair Jon Benham; SA Coordinator Merv Storton; TAS Coordinator Betty Parssey; NSW Coordinator and Risk Management Subcommittee Member Wayne Amor; MH Subcommittee Member Bev Seeney; Mackay Coordinator and MH Subcommittee Member Charles Linsley; WA Coordinator Ray Sherry; Director Gavin Miles; CEO David Peach; Community Manager Fiona Duffield; Admin Officer Chris Jones; Bookkeeper Christine Pidgeon. (Could not attend but contributed behind the scenes: VIC Coordinator Richard Brown, Director Jim Redmond, Finance Subcommittee Members Andrew Prescott and Rose Hancock, and Admin Assistant Rhonda James.) And of course, Dave and Nga Bassett.

"It is clear that as a

collective family,

Black Dog Ride has

a strong and

sustainable future

carrying our

message of hope to