Black Dog Ride Welcomes First Aboriginal MHFA Instructor

Australia's Indigenous communities suffer the highest suicide rates in the world, a tragedy that must be acknowledged and addressed.

The road ahead, of healing and hope, will be a long one but each step takes us closer to strong healthy resilient communities.

To that end, Black Dog Ride committed to funding the training of Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid (AMHFA) Instructors who will teach Indigenous community and sector workers AMHFA. AMHFA empowers participants with the knowledge to identify when an Aboriginal person is experiencing a mental health crisis, and teaches them how to respond appropriately to keep the person safe from self harm.

Black Dog Ride's First Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid Instructor Adair WilliamsonBlack Dog Ride is immensely proud to announce that the first Black Dog RIde funded AMHFA Instructor has been trained and is already training others in her community.

Adair Williamson, from Mt Isa and now based in Townsville, QLD, leapt at the opportunity Black Dog Ride offered, first training in MHFA locally then travelling to Brisbane to train as an Instructor in March.

Before the month was over, Adair was already training others in AMHFA. Like the ripple effect of dropping a stone in water, Adair's leadership and training will eventually touch the entire Far North QLD region, forging a path of healing and hope within Indigenous communities.

Black Dog Ride would like to take the opportunity to thank Adair and her family for their courage, time and passion for Indigenous mental health and wellbeing, in taking this powerful step forward for our communities. Black Dog Ride also gives our gratitude to Black Dog Ride's community whose fundraising has supported this project.

You can find more Black Dog ride funded MHFA Instructors on the website here.

Black Dog Ride's First Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid Instructor Adair Williamson's first class

Adair Williamson, with Black Dog Ride Standard MHFA Instructor Jamie Painter, and Adair's first class of Aboriginal MHFAiders.

"I was extremely nervous but at the same time extremely excited. Upon arriving at the venue and walking into the room filled with 20 other participants my nerves disappeared and I was overwhelmed, in a good way, to see so many Indigenous people who are passionate about increasing mental health literacy.

"The knowledge that I have obtained will be invaluable with my future endeavors in the community as an Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid Instructor.

"Without the kind and generous sponsorship from Black Dog Ride I know that this would not be possible. From the bottom of my heart thank you Black Dog Ride for this amazing opportunity."

Adair Williamson
Black Dog Ride's first Aboriginal MHFA Instructor