Black Dog Ride Welcomes New CEO

When Steve Andrews embarked on the suicide prevention ride which would inspire a nation, it was simply one man's idea to start people talking about depression.

The inaugural ride in 2009 captured the hearts of Australians and soon, one man's idea was embraced by thousands.

By 2017, Steve Andrews initial motorcycle ride had evolved into a national charity organising two primary annual health promotion activities involving hundreds of volunteers and thousands of participants each year, in addition to dozens of local community engagements each week. The spark of passion that Steve carried in 2009 is now a beacon of hope carried by countless Australians every day.

Steve Andrews stepped aside in January 2017 to focus on his health, and it was important to Black Dog Ride's Board of Directors and the Black Dog Ride family - every participant, every volunteer, every supporter - that Black Dog Ride's cause be sustained and carried into the future by a visionary with the same passion for suicide prevention which led Steve Andrews on his solo circumnavigation around Australia in 2009.

We were all grateful when Black Dog Ride's Jim Redmond stepped into the breach to provide guidance and leadership during this interim period. Jim's steady hand and counsel ensured the 1 Dayer went ahead without a hitch, giving thousands of Black Dog Riders the opportunity to amplify their voices and their engines in unity and strength for those who live with mental illness and those bereaved by suicide. Jim also put a lot of time into Black Dog Ride's beloved annual long distance ride, and registrations for Tasmania 2017 opened in May. In addition, Jim leant Board his expertise with HR and Risk Management. This week Jim's tenure as Interim CEO ends, and it is with great appreciation that the Board thanks Jim for his dedication in keeping Black Dog Ride on the road.

In the search for Black Dog Ride's inaugural CEO, we knew we needed a visionary, someone with dedication and drive to grow Black Dog Ride; a team player who can bring together hundreds of volunteers and thousands of Black Dog Riders for our common cause; an experienced, energetic professional who is as comfortable out and about with Black Dog Riders as in the Boardroom. It is with great excitement for the future that the Board announces Black Dog Ride's inaugural CEO, David Peach.

David, or Peachy as he is commonly known amongst Black Dog Riders, has been involved with Black Dog Ride for 5 years and many of you would know him from his honest, heartfelt and often hilarious daily video blogs from the 2015 Red Centre Ride and the Black Dog Ride Across America. David has extensive experience in the business sector, but has also devoted his time and expertise to the not for profit sector for decades, including Black Dog Ride. Alongside the Board, David is building a roadmap for the future in which Black Dog Ride develops the capacity for sustainable growth, inclusion and collaboration with volunteers and supporters to ensure the beacon of hope that Black Dog Ride provides continues to light up the darkness.

The Board would like to take this opportunity to thank our dedicated staff team who stepped up with an abundance of enthusiasm and resolve to keep Black Dog Ride on an even keel during a difficult time. We need to also express our gratitude and sincere thanks to the volunteers of Black Dog Ride, whose time, passion and commitment has kept Black Dog Ride's engine ticking over during this interim period.

David Peach has written a letter of introduction to Black Dog Riders which you can read on the website here.

The Board of Directors
Black Dog Ride Australia Limited