Black Dog Ride 1 Dayer 2017 Banner


Black Dog Ride's iconic annual 1 Dayer aims to start a national conversation about depression and suicide prevention.

1 Dayer 2017 Background

Since 2010, Black Dog Ride's 1 Dayer has brought together Black Dog Riders for an enjoyable and meaningful day of riding, uniting like minded people for a vital mission - raising awareness of depression and suicide prevention.

8 people a day take their lives, and Black Dog Riders uniting together under one banner with one voice aims to amplify a national message of mental health awareness to prevent this tragic loss of life to suicide.

We need to talk!

Let's get the conversation started, register for Black Dog Ride's 1 Dayer 2017 today!

Find more information on your local 1 Dayer HERE.

Online Registration Incentive

Black Dog Ride 1 Dayer 2017 - Indian Scout Motorcycle - Raffle Prize

The awesome Indian Motorcycle are right behind Black Dog Ride! To encourage Black Dog Riders to register online, Indian Motorcycle have generously donated an Indian Scout valued at $19,995. This amazing online registration incentive will be raffled on 19th March 2017. When you register for the 1 Dayer as a rider, you're automatically in the draw!

1 Dayer T-Shirts

Black Dog Ride 1 Dayer 2017 T-shirt Preview

Riders who register online now have the opportunity to purchase a Black Dog Ride 1 Dayer 2017 t-shirt. This opportunity will close on 30th January 2017.

1 Dayer 2017 Locations and Registrations

There are legs of Black Dog Ride's 1 Dayers in every state and territory across Australia. Online registrations open at 3pm AEDT 16th December 2016.

Find more information on your local 1 Dayer HERE.

"Black Dog Ride is a massive leader in real world conversations.... making mental health conversations real and practical."
Lifeline Australia CEO Pete Shmigel

"There's nothing like some motorcycles coming to town to get people to talk, and they say, well what's that about? That gets the conversations going, that improves awareness."
Dr Graham Jacobs, WA MP

"Black Dog Ride's 1 Dayer has an important role in building awareness of depression and encouraging Australians, particularly men, to seek help early."
Fiona Kalaf, CEO Lifeline WA

"Yep, there were some big loud black bikes and big (and small) blokes (and ladies) in leather, and they were a group of wonderful people. Black Dog Riders were not just out to enjoy an organised bike ride together, but to strengthen the communities they rode through and to support each other to improve their mental health."
Betty Kitchener, OAM, CEO MHFA

"Mental health is about all of us, it's not something to hide in the closet and Black Dog Ride is doing that, it's having a very positive impact."
Jenni Morley, Health Worker, Coober Pedy Hospital and Health Service