Big Rig Gets Black Dog Ride's Message On The Road

Semi Sweeps Black Dog Away

Months ago, Black Dog Ride's Dubbo Coordinator Steve Gower had a thought - wouldn't it be great to get Black Dog Ride's message on a semi where's it's seen by thousands each day?

Never one to let a thought sit idle, Steve spoke to his mates at Transforce, Steve Fieldus and Scott Murray, who were proud to support this worthwhile community project and together they put the plan in motion.

Assisted by the generosity of Sign Vision's Michael and Karen Fraser, as well as Lifeline Central West's CEO Alex Ferguson and the NSW Deputy Premier Troy Grant, this week saw the official unveiling of the new Black Dog Ride Big Rig!

Interviewed by The Daily Liberal, Troy Grant MP said, "Having a big rig travelling so many kilometres will help raise awareness from people. This will help support and assist what is already out there and help get people past the stigma that was once there."

Black Dog Ride's Big Rig to Sweep Stigma Away Photo by Belinda Soole

Transforce managing director Steve Fieldus, local Black Dog Ride Coordinator Steve Gower, Dubbo MP Troy Grant, Black Dog Ride State Coordinator Wayne Amor, CEO of Lifeline Central West Alex Ferguson, Transforce's Scott Murray, SignVision rep Craig Wilton and Brett Macca McCarthy unveil the Black Dog Ride truck cover in Dubbo on Monday. Photo: BELINDA SOOLE

The rig will be a mobile billboard between Sydney, Dubbo and Cobar, catching the eyes of thousands of commuters and community members and helping to drag the black dog out of the shadows.

On Saturday 15th August, when NSW Black Dog Riders arrive in Dubbo on their Ride to the Red Centre, they will see the big rig unveiled to the general public for the first time at Dubbo's No 1 Oval. What an awesome welcome for these fantastic advocates for suicide prevention!

Black Dog Ride extends it's heartfelt gratitude to Transforce, especially Steve and Scott; Sign Vision's Michael and Karen; Alex Ferguson and Troy Grant MP for helping get this rig on the road.

Our sincere thanks goes out to Steve Gower for following his great idea through into action! "It is such an important message as mental health issues are so prolific across society, especially in smaller towns," Steve says. "We need to get people talking about depression and their issues. Black Dog Ride is all about raising awareness of depression and having this truck will help get the conversations going."

You can donate to the cause here: