Black Dog Ride Across America

Why Winston?

Americans are already noticing the little stuffed black dog accompanying
Black Dog Riders everywhere they go.

Who is he? Why is he called Winston? What does he do?

When Steve Andrews was planning his inaugural solo ride around Australia to raise awareness of depression in 2009, he decided to call his mission, "Black Dog Ride".

"Black Dog" is a powerfully expressive metaphor that appears to require no explanation. The combination of 'blackness' with the negative connotations of 'dog, noun and verb, seems an eminently apt description of depression: an ever present companion, lurking in shadows just out of sight, growling, vaguely menacing, always on the alert; sinister and unpredictable, capable of overwhelming you at any moment. - Paul Foley

Steve Andrews subsequently adopted and named what would become the Black Dog Ride mascot after Sir Winston Churchill, who famously diarised about being hounded by the "black dog of depression".

Winston was Steve's companion on the inaugural Black Dog Ride around Australia in 2009 and has been on every single Black Dog Ride since! He also travels to agricultural shows, public forums, community events, and speaking engagements.

Winston has proven to be a brilliant tool for engaging the community of all ages about all aspects of mental health awareness, he's a fantastic icebreaker for a sensitive subject. You will see Winston on the bikes of Black Dog Riders right across the country and you can purchase your own Winston here.