Breaking Down Barriers
Outreach to Inmates

Port Lincoln Prison is a low security prison in South Australia housing over 100 inmates on 200 hectares which is predominently used for agricultural programs for prisoners.

To assist in building the community networks and post-prison wellbeing of inmates, Port Lincoln Prison has regularly organised information and wellbeing expos. This year, Black Dog Ride was a part of the expo.

Focusing on health, participating NGOs predominently focused on provision of information to prisoners about physical health and addiction. Recent research indicates up to half of inmates in Australian prisons have a diagnosed mental disorder.

Black Dog Ride's John Coulls from Wudinna, SA was joined by his wonderful wife Vicki at the Port Lincoln Prison expo to share information and resources with inmates about mood disorders, and where and how to access support and treatment upon release.

John also provided a copy of the original Black Dog Ride documentary to the prison. Staff are playing it regularly for the inmates over the prison video system.

Prisons play a pivotal role in reducing recidivism - that is, reducing the risk of a prisoner reoffending - and prisons generally use education programs to work towards this goal. Addressing the mental health of prisoners is also vital to ensure prisoners have the greatest opportunity to reintegrate into society as healthy, happy, productive citizens.

Black Dog Ride has been proud play a role in breaking down the mental health barriers facing many inmates to assist them in their life beyond the bars.

Our sincere thanks to John and Vicki Coulls for representing Black Dog Ride and reaching out beyond the barriers of prison to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention. Special thanks to Port Lincoln Prison Social Worker Andrew Porter for providing Black Dog Ride with this opportunity.


John Coulls has received permission from Port Lincoln Prison to visit again, and this time he's making donuts for them with his new you-beaut donut making machine! Stay tuned!

In the mean time, John is organising the Whyalla leg of the Black Dog Ride 1 Dayer on Sunday 22nd March. Thanks for being such an awesome advocate for depression and suicide prevention in our communities Coullsy!

"Thank you for coming down and having a chat with the blokes at Port Lincoln Prison.

I believe that you were very well received.

Depression is a very real problem that many people in prison are dealing with."

Andrew Porter
Social Worker
Port Lincoln Prison