Black Dog Ride
moves into National HQ

Since 2009, six national long distance Black Dog Rides, sixty one local Black Dog Rides and innumerable local projects which raised $1,700,000 for mental health services, have been organised from personal home offices in WA residences.

When Steve Andrews departed on the inaugural Black Dog Ride around Australia in 2009, he couldn't foresee how his ride would touch the hearts and minds of thousands of Australian motorcycle riders who wanted to join him on this crusade to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention.

Every year, more and more riders take up the banner of Black Dog Ride. From home offices, Steve, later joined by Fiona, organised dozens of rides and local events, stuffed thousands of satchels, and answered countless phone calls from personal phones.

The day had to come when Black Dog Ride outgrew these arrangements. Thanks to long time Black Dog Ride supporter Laurie Saltarini of Busselton Toyota, last week Black Dog Ride moved into a new National HQ!

Black Dog Ride moves into National HQ

The new Black Dog Ride National HQ is managed by Felicity Tyrrell-Prince who is also managing the BDR Shop from the HQ, and will eventually include Fiona in addition to being a homebase for volunteers to support our grassroots awareness raising efforts across the nation.

Finding and preparing a new National Office wasn't an easy process, and this is a proud milestone for Black Dog Ride. We believe this new HQ will enable us to organise and support more awareness raising rides and projects and help Black Dog Ride to have an even stronger positive impact upon local communities.